I FORGOT about the Skunk

Oh gods! Wednesday night, Brandy was barking her fool head off. Dan went to investigate and realized that she had trapped a skunk in the back of the back porch. Brandy was running in and out barking and nipping at the skunk. Dan was horrified. He yelled at Brandy to stop, certain that he and the dog were going to get sprayed. Brandy ran out in the back yard and the skunk followed. Brandy wouldn’t come in, so Dan closed the back door and tried to go back to sleep.

Unfortunately, the skunk did spray. The stench filled the bedroom and bathroom. It was so bad that after closing the windows, running a fan and burning incense, you could just about cope with the smell.

Brandy of course would not stop barking. Finally, Dan went to yell at her and realized that when he opened the door that she had not been sprayed! So, Brandy came in for the night. It made for a very short chaotic night of sleep.

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