About that cable…

Yesterday around 10am. the internet died. So did the phones. Our first thought… did we pay the bill?

I went home to check and what did I find??? No one had phone service or internet. In fact, as it came out later, someone had cut the cable. The article in the Chieftain was brief.

In fact, it was almost as good as the one from the Weather Channel that said we’d only get a trace of snow. So far, that trace adds up to about 4 inches. Brrr!!! Thank goodness for Daniel who brought his dear old mum some firewood.

Now to catch up on everything I didn’t get done due to no phones, and no internet.  Oh, and I’m wiping one item off my agenda. I am NOT changing my header picture. It still looks like that outside. Snow!!!

2 thoughts on “About that cable…

  1. If it’s any consolation the Robins were here this past weekend. The came in their huge flock and made their way through the neighborhood cleaning every last berry off every Camphor tree around. When they appear here that usually means they are getting ready to make their way north once again.

    1. That would be nice! I am really ready for Spring this year. I want to be able to finish up some of the building that got put on hold. Plus, I want to start the seedlings. Have to wait until next month though. Oh, and our last frost is usually around May 15th.

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