Heavenly Cloud Cover!

After nearly two weeks of 100 degree days, it is Finally cool. Yesterday, was the first day in Pueblo that only made it to 97. We are south of Pueblo, but we are usually close to the same temperatures. It’s been so hot that I’ve had issues with my laptop overheating!

The day we cut the weeds in the front yard it was 98. It rained, and we just stayed working as the moisture felt so good. Granted, we were dry by the time we finished. I now have a lovely brown front yard with designer rock piles. 🙂 I stacked the various rocks in little towers where possible because I didn’t know what to do with all of them and having them line the sidewalks was a pain. We plan to tackle the back yard today or tomorrow. Maybe. 🙂

It rained yesterday. A nice heavy but constant shower that soaked the dusty ground. And of course, the rains have been across the state which helps the fire danger, but also makes those area prone to flash floods. sigh… However, I plan to enjoy my cool morning! It’s 60 degrees! 86% humidity and only a 5mph breeze! Wheeeee!

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