It was nearly 65 today!!!! It was soooo nice to open doors and let the air flow through the house. I did a bit of housework and general tidy up. It really needed it. I had to restack the wood pile too. Why? Because I needed to get to the cat carriers.

A friend of Morgan’s lives on a ranch up in Gardner. Liz and her grandparents wanted some barn cats. Now, I know that it helps when you can send a mom and kittens. I had been looking for someone who’d be willing to take seven cats. Then Spike, Daniel’s pit bull which lives with us started targeting Five, our cat. This meant that we had two choices. Confine Five to a life on the front porch, or find him a new home. Liz’s grandma said that they would take all 8 cats. So, today we drove up with them to Gardner. It seems odd not to have the cats and kittens in the den, but there are the two little tomcats that come to the door each morning for breakfast. I will just get my cat fix with them.

I’m plugging away at two classes this session. Personal Finances and Principles of Business. The most frustrating thing is that most of this stuff is aimed at the 18-25yr olds. sigh….Trying not to get bored or cheezed off with the class.

The rest of life is quiet. Dan is working on our website for LoboSavvy. I probably ought to read or do some knitting. Just feel a bit at loose ends at the moment.

Of skinny cats, quiet afternoons and work

Last night Dan and I went to Aguilar to see the Holzhauers. Carl is one of Dan’s computer clients. An older gentleman who messes up his computer from time to time due to age and unsteady hands. I went along, because 90% of the time it turns into a social call as well. Carl and his wife MaryJane have sort of adopted us. When Dan hurt his back a few months ago, Carl called every morning to check on him.

So, out we went. I visited with MaryJane, and Dan fixed the computer. We sat on the couch and watched tv for a bit. Their cat, a 20 year old tabby normally ignores me or hisses at me. Well, last night she decided that I was the perfect lap to lounge on. I petted the cat, which is about 5 pounds of scrawny fur. She purred. Of course everyone else couldn’t believe that the cat was sitting on my lap. When it was time to go, she hissed. Silly cat.

Next scrawny cat… Tosoto. She decided that when we got Brandy, that she was no longer going to stay in the house. Plus there were tomcats about. She always aborts, so we’ve never fixed her. Probably should have. However,… the last few days she has decided that eating was better than starving. She too now weighs about 5-6 pounds. I had been trying not to put food outside as we have lots of feral cats and skunks in the neighborhood.  I ended up doing it anyway. sigh.

At work today, I probably goofed off more than I have in the entire month I have worked there. Partially because I’ve gotten most of the stuff caught up. Partially because we just took a break. The new woman who is taking my place is…. Umm… Not going to cut it. She may be intelligent, but has yet to show she is organized or competent in learning tasks. Most of the time when Pattie or I try to show her what to do she walks off and visits with the HR person who is her friend. Not the way to learn things. Plus, the HR person is having her learn how things are done in the Trinidad office. That would be great if they did things the same way in both offices. Oh well… It will be a right cluster of chaos after I’m gone and Pattie finds a new job. She has had enough of the assistant DA. In many ways, the proverbial is about to hit the oscillating blades.

However, we took it fairly easy most of the afternoon. No one rushed. At least not until the assistant DA called in a panic at 4:30pm. He’d forgotten to do some paperwork! Yet it was Pattie’s fault. grrrrrrr…. She got some of it done, but at 5pm, we left for the day. The rest will have to be done in the morning.

Now I’m waiting for Pauline to show up. Oh, and get my computer work done. Dan is backing up my files tonight as I am suppose to move over to a Linux operating platform. Wheeee!!

Playing with…

    Couldn’t keep my mind on work today. Granted the interruptions didn’t help. Dan was flying around the office today doing all sorts of little bits and every once in a while, he needed to show me something or tell me a new bit of data. Normally, those don’t break my concentration. However, today… all it took was a breath. Finally settled down and decided to work on some filing. Yawn… boring stuff, but needed done. Well, it still needs done. At least most of it. I didn’t get to the scanning or the receipt filing. Oh well, that’s what tomorrow is for.

Meanwhile, I got a call from Damon. He needed me to come out and grab a shirt for Pauline. She had a beer keg spray all over her. She works down at Rosa’s Cantina on Main Street. So, I drove out to D&P’s, grabbed two shirts and then went to Rosa’s. Gave Pauline the shirts and sat and chatted with her for an hour or so. Then I headed back to the office with the intention of getting back to work. Silly me.

First I made some lunch. Then I called John and while I chatted with him, I actually got some of the stuff filed. Realized that I need to make new files reflecting the fact that it is now 2008, and then gave up.

Finished my lunch, and decided to work on my blog. Went for a 3 column theme and have now added a new page as well as a new header picture. Still can’t figure out a few bits, but probably need to dig into the CSS book Dan got a few weeks ago. sigh….

Granted, I aught to finish the filing as it still needs done, but…. that can wait. It also started snowing about two hours ago. I tried to call Tosoto in, but that stupid cat has an itch and so she can just stay outside with her new boyfriend. sigh… Honestly, I think she is under the house with the skunk, but… Oh well.