Here I go again!

Well, I am going to try this whole blog thing yet again. It’s a new year, both birth wise and seasonally, so, I figured it was time to learn something new. I figure this blog will give me a chance to learn a few more computer skills or at least attempt to learn some. Those new skills of course will tie in nicely with working for Raton Basin Technologies, writing articles for the Huerfano Journal and trying to keep up with the kids.

Yesterday, I turned 48. Wow….. had a lovely day with friends and family. We went out for lunch as well as dinner. Andy’s is a barbecue place which we enjoy. Dan and the kids were in a crazy mood. More like having three kids there than just two. We had the waitress laughing at their antics. Barbecue sauce kisses, candy bombs and ice cube drops…

After lunch, I went shopping at one of the local stores, Armida’s. She has the most beautiful clothing. I was torn between getting something rather loud and impractical and something elegant and useful. I went for the latter. I got a lovely beaded and lacy black sweater and a lavender chenile tweedy sweater with black and white flecks. I also got a teeshirt from one of my favorite collections. It is a fairy. (ok, yet another fairy teeshirt)

Later at dinner, the kids had to put on their best manners. Granted, we had to explain the use of all the silverware, but… when you go to Alys’ Fireside Cafe, you have to deal with that. It was fun trying to explain why Dan eats in Germanic style while I eat English style. Morgan and Matt both decided to try English style. (fork in left hand, knife in right) They did pretty good. Hardest part was trying not to act like they did at lunch.

As it was my birthday, I had lots of congratulations, kisses and hugs as well. Daniel works there, and so he came out to eat with us for a few minutes. He has moved up from dishwasher to prep-chef. Pretty good job! I’m proud of my youngest son. Now if I can just get him to act as adult 100% of the time.

We came home, had cups of tea and watched a movie. The Core. Not the world’s best science, but a nice “suspend your senses” movie. Afterwards, we went to bed and had a nice sleep in.

Which of course brings me back to today. Now that I’ve gotten this far, I get to go figure out tags, and all the other bits. Aieeeee-ya!


2 thoughts on “Here I go again!

  1. Happy new inaugural Blog, and belated Happy Sun Return!!

    I love my blogging. It has connected me with so many people I might not have otherwise met.

    I just turned 45 last month, I got the entire set of Stargate SG1 dvds (it was a combo Birthday Yule Anniversary gift)

    If you get to, I’m otterwise there -}

  2. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I figured that I’d try blogging again, especially as I do enjoy reading other peoples blogs. Like yours!

    I am waiting for to contact me and let me know that they are ready for more people. As soon as I have Morgan’s socks finished, I’ll post pics of them.

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