Windy Saturday!

    Woke up this morning to the wind blowing so hard that the windows were rattling. It was still o-dark-thirty in the morning, so I tried to rollover and go back to sleep. Nope! It wasn’t going to happen. I swear that ten seconds after I closed my eyes again, the USB starting beeping because we had lost power. It went off about fifteen minutes later when the power came back on and then went off again very quickly. This time it seemed like forever before the power came back on. So, I’ve been awake ever since.

I also realized that I’m not sure where this week went. Yes, I took the kids to school, did laundry, cleaned house, worked at the office, etc,.. but where did the time go? About the only thing I really have to show for progress is that my office is a bit tidier and I finished the latest Laurel K. Hamilton book. Very good and as always, leaves me hungry for the next one. OH well…..

I still have to decide whether to head to Pueblo today to shop. hmmm…..

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