All quiet on the emotional front

Or at least as quiet as I dare hope at this point. I got to sleep until nearly 9am which was a blessing.  After a bath and breakfast, we got some stuff cleaned up around the office at 520. It is taking a while to get things in order. Partially because there is so much empty space and partially because we keep changing our minds about where things go. Dan has moved his work desk at least three times.

About 2pm, Dan went to go pick up the futon mattress and I finally got a chance to read my email, make journal entries, etc. At 3pm, I started laundry. Where the hell did it all come from? I swear that I only had 3 loads in there on Thursday. Sheets, towels and a whites load. I still have two loads of sheets and a load of darks left to do. However, I did seven loads today!!! Good grief people! Luckily, the sun was hot today and there was enough of a breeze to dry everything quickly.

Daniel was calmer today. Thank goodness! John was still being a bit of a wreck. Understandable, but… Oh well. Things will settle down. I asked Matt and Morgan to quietly pick up Oscar’s toys and tidy up the back yard so that it wasn’t “in Daniel’s face” so much that Oscar was gone. The whole house was quieter.

We went down to see Pauline at the Silver Dollar Bar. She bought us a soda and we picked up her computer so that we could download her email. She doesn’t have a good connection at the house or out at Mike’s. Dan has her computer downloading the latest updates and her mail. She will pick it up later tonight or in the morning. Pauline is also going to see if Mike can fix my rocking chair.  YES!!!! I would be so happy if it was fixed.

Tomorrow we have a toilet to fix, cable to run, general housecleaning to do and some painting. I have to paint the fence and the front door. Wheee…. Maybe I’ll repaint the gates too. Hopefully, it won’t be too windy.

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