Soooo Happy It’s Thursday!

I am exhausted. This is the first day that Dan, Daniel and I have not been helping Pauline move. My Gods she has a lot of stuff. I knew she did, having helped in this process more than once, but you’d think she’d have gotten rid of some of this stuff somewhere along the way! Oh well. We have it almost done. In the course of all the packing and cleaning we did manage to get rid of some of the trash at 520. One of the previous tenants left mattresses and couches in the garage. Pauline let us put them out in one of the sheds. Wheee!

That of course meant that yesterday I cleaned out the shed area at the back of the yard. Moved everything out and actually found the brick and red sandstone slab floor. Also found an umbrella style clothes line that Dan may co-opt for an antenna rig. It is pretty cool. We also cleaned up the yard a bit since I must have moved a cubic yard of crud out of the sheds. Later this week we have to finish sweeping out the garage. That will be another cubic yard of crud. Whee…

We also got Blue up and running again. Blue stalled on us on Tuesday. We joked that he’d just had enough and decided to take a break. We think it was actually a vapor lock. It slowed down the whole process of moving junk out of the garage, but not by much. We are storing Pauline’s freezer and stove. Karen is in the process of buying her washer, dryer and dishwasher. We are using her fridge with an option to buy it as soon as we have some cash. Wheeee!!!!!!! We have a real sized fridge! Granted, we have to take out part of a cupboard to put in in place in the kitchen. At the moment it is residing in the breakfast nook area. After all the yardwork we did and moving stuff, we cleaned out the fridge. Something sticky and nasty had slid down the back of the fridge. Ewwwww! I took the scraper to it. After I washed it, Dan wiped it down with some bleach water. Daniel is happy as it means he finally gets his fridge back too.

Today we are suppose to work on the closet. I’m not sure either of us can even hold a teacup let alone a hammer or power tools. So far we’ve watched a few episodes of Babylon 5 and snacked on pie. :> Not the best diet, but oh it tasted good.

I’m also waiting to hear back about a job interview I went to yesterday. Crossroads needs a secretary. I think the interview went well, but at the same time, I felt I intimidated them a little. sigh… Hopefully, I’ll hear back soon as to whether I got the job or not.

I’m also trying not to be peeved with Big Morgan and Erin. Contrary to my request, they washed Erin’s diesel covered clothes in my washer. Now, if none of us had skin problems this wouldn’t have been an issue. However, I have allergies and John has excema and cellulitus. Not good things to have aggravated by diesel. Grrrr…. it will take numerous washings to get the washer clean enough to wash clothes in again. Stupid idiots. Morgan and Matt are more responsible than they are some times. sigh..

Oh… Before I forget. The deer are coming back into town. We saw a buck two nights ago right in front of me as I got out of the truck. He cropped the grass and then headed up the hill. We’ve also seen a mother skunk and her 6 babies. Reminded me of a fleet of ducks as they went down the sidewalk with their tails raised.

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