Hunting the elusive LoboSavvy…

We are Finally getting the website online! Wheeeee!!!


Dan is working hard on the engineering side of things like making the buttons and mouse overs while I get to write the text. No, we don’t want Dan’s engineering brain which is thinking more Auf Deutsche then in English to start the “sentences and paragraphs writing!” Not unless we want all the verbs at the end of the sentences. 🙂

Now what to write! Oh yeah…. the IT support company…. You have a problem, we’ll come up with a solution… Or something along those lines. We are working on being a business that supports business from the hardware and software sides. To find solutions that won’t break the bank, etc. If the company is invested in closed source software, we will let them know about open source stuff, etc. We aren’t going to be able to do this very well in Walsenburg, but hope to expand this to Pueblo and Springs.

Now to figure out what to write…. (see Jaye.. see Jaye thump head against desk…)

Meanwhile on the family front… We take my Dad up to Springs tomorrow for surgery. Nothing too invasive. Sort of a roto-rooter job on his bladder. Too much muscle can be a bad thing. We will bring him home on Wednesday.

I’m still looking for work. Put out another resume today. Oh, and I have a few hours worth of work down at Web Coast-to-Coast. Filing for my friend Erin. :> I will probably hit the job fair stuff later in the week to see if there are any secretary jobs. argh….

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