Paint Fumes and furniture!!!

The last two days have been busy. Ian and Dan brought bookcases over from the Methodist church. We worked the living room and office to accommodate the ‘new’ shelves. IT is still a bit torn up, but it looks so much better.

Today I painted the dresser and one of the bookcases. Blue to match the paint in the bedroom.:) Then we put wood style floor tiles on the top of the dresser to finish it off. It looks soooo cool. I’ll get pictures and post them tomorrow. All I have to do now is finish the curtains, hand the new lights and the bedroom will be totally done.

Tomorrow we are going to use some of the tiles in the kitchen to fix where the Formica top has peeled off. Hopefully this week Dan and Ian will start the plumbing. (hope! hope! hope!)

Now to make a bit of dinner and watch a movie. I’m exhausted!

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