A hot Monday in June…

It isn’t a record breaker, but just steadily hot. It’s also the Summer Solstice. 🙂 From now until Yule, the days will get shorter. sigh… I worked in the garden killing weeds today and did laundry. The top layer of stuff was trying to dry before we even got home from the laundromat. Yes, I am back to that. Our washer we had lost it’s transmission. argh. At least I am saving money by not using the dryers.

This is also our third week of company this month. Ian’s dad, brother and grandma in the first week, then Stefan and Anabell, and now Misty. 🙂 It has been almost eight-nine months since we saw her last. She’ll be here for a bit of this week, and then we will be company-less just in time for school to start and work to start. Wheeeee!!!

We have the Old Blind Dogs from Scotland here on Thursday. Dan will be working the lights, and I will be working at the La Plaza cooking. I am so looking forward to a paycheck!!!! I get to be baker and chef along with three others.

Oh, and we got to see the Medano Fire up above the Sand Dunes on Friday. Here’s hoping for rain!!!

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