Arkansas and wedding bells

Yesterday was one long drive. Oklahoma and I 40 except for OKC, were one long cone zone. Road construction mess. It took us 18 hours instead of 13. Gods were our asses flat!

We arrived at midnight, and everyone woke up. Gavin and Talon weren’t too sure about us, but it was very late. After way too little sleep, we woke to giggles in the hall staring at Nana and Granpa sleeping in the living room.

We got up, showered, ate doughnuts and drank coffee. Then everyone got ready for the wedding. We headed down to the city hall. As we waited in the county office to get the paperwork, another bride and groom came in. I about died…

The bride wore a white strapless minidress. A really cheap prom dress style. That wasn’t so bad. However, the formal White Dress Flipflops got me.

The groom wore a plaid shirt 3 sized too large, South Pole jeans down around his hips and his hair was in a spiked mohawk. All I could hear in my head was “White Trash Wedding” by the Dixie Chics.

The Justice of the Peace was cute. We all walked into his office, and he wasn’t sure who was there to get married… Bryan and Katie, or Dan and I. We were all dressed nicely, and you could see the confusion on his face. Five minutes later, Bryan and Katie were married. I took lots of pics and will post them soon.

After the wedding, we went to the New China Buffet in Searcy. Yum!!! We’ve been relaxing this afternoon, as none of us have too many braincells. Far too sleepy. Katie and Morgan went off to get pizza for dinner. Dan, Bryan and Stefan went off earlier for beer.

Tomorrow is still up in the air. Something about jeeps, shooting and beer. LOL…

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