Did anyone get the number of that bus?

Yesterday was just blahhhhhhh….. Woke up in the middle of the night too hot, but didn’t think about it. It’s autumn, and some nights it is 40F and other nights it is 65F. Went to work and felt tired. Okay, crazy hours catching up with me. Ate breakfast, felt better. I went to work and did alright for about an hour. Then I realized that I felt hot even away from the stoves. Working in a kitchen is a real test some days. 12 burners, 2 grills, a deep fryer… need I say more? So, I stand up and realized I feel Wwwwwooooosy. Not good. Get a drink, take a break, I’m okay. I go back to making pies. 15 minutes later, wwwwwooooosy. Hm…. Feeling very hot, and I am NOT standing next to the stoves. Hmmm… Another glass of water and a break. No, I am not feeling better. By this time, it is 10:15am. I’ve been here for over 2 hours, and most of my work is done. Time to go home before I fall down. So, I tell my boss that I’m feeling ill, and call Dan. He says he will be right there. I go outside to meet him.

He was 15 minutes late because the phone rang. Brrrrrr…. Sunny but windy. Of course. I get home and stuff myself in bed. It is 10:45am. Next thing I know, it is 2:30pm. Look at the clock, fall back asleep. 5pm, I finally got up. Still feel a bit wrung out, but I am hungry and thirsty. Morgan is home, Dan is off at a job. We heat up some dinner and have coconut cream pie for dessert. Dan gets home around 8pm, and I curl up with my book. We went to bed before midnight, only to be woke up around 1am by a dog fight. Spike and another dog fought. Spike got a bit chewed, but he won. The other dog ran. Last thing I remember is Dan reminding me to call Daniel in the morning.

I woke up at 9am this morning. Yawn… It is cold and rainy today, but I actually feel a bit better. Still a little fuzzy around the edges, but better. I hope that Dan and Morgan don’t get whatever it was I had.


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