BRRR! Can we say cold?

This week has been frigid!  30+ degrees colder than normal. We got 6 inches of snow on Sunday and not a lot of it has melted, because it has been so cold. -10 Monday night. 4 last night and right now at nearly 2pm, it is just barely 35 outside. BRRRR!!!!! Only good thing is that my parents bought us half a cord of wood. Otherwise, I’d be in bed!

Last week was hectic. We took a trip to Trinidad and visited with Economic Development and the local Chamber of Commerce. Depending on how a meeting goes tomorrow, we may be changing our business plans for 2011. Exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time.

This week isn’t much slower paced either. Lots of work stuff, and Dan had to go to Denver for some Workforce stuff. He will be home tonight. Oh, and to top it off, Ian’s truck hates me. It died on my half way to the school board meeting last night. I left it there, as I couldn’t get it started.  I had to walk home from the meeting. BRRRRR!!!  Dan gets to deal with it when he comes home. Not exactly what I would have wanted, but… oh well.

As I said, we have a meeting in Trinidad tomorrow, Dan has two computer jobs and on Monday we take Morgan up to Fountain Valley School for an introduction day. It should be interesting. There is some other stuff next week too, but I have to get it all down on the calendar. I just hope it warms up soon.

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