This morning at 10am, it started snowing. By noon, when we went to fix my mom’s computer, there was about 3 inches and it was slick. At 2pm, we went to Jacque’s house to pick up firewood. We saw the drive, braked and slid right past by at least 200ft. Damn!

We got the firewood and came home. Then it was back to the office for a bit. By 6pm, there was probably 6 inches in some places and drifts up to 10 inches. It took us 35 minutes to drive 10 blocks. Worse yet, every time we slowed down, we lost momentum and that meant we had to circle around again to try and roll onto our street. In the end, we’ve parked about half a block away in a neighbors driveway. No way else to do it. This is one hell of a storm.

I’m really glad we’ve moved into the Wendy House. Small space to heat and very cozy.

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