A Little Wet…

Yesterday was a surprise. Started out hot and around 3pm, it began to drizzle. Then pour. Thunder, lightning and so much rain! A few drips, but we weren’t worried. It never rains long around here. High Desert Alpine Climate and all…

We went off to dinner at my parents amidst the drips. It was a good dinner as my Aunt Toni, Uncle Karl and their son Kristopher were there. We ate, talked and laughed until nearly 9pm.

We came home in the rain. When we got inside, we had to inspect the house as water was running down the yard. The dog was soaked. and so were various floors in the house. We know there are still issues with the Wendy House roof. And in time honored tradition, they leaked as the rain poured. We know and are use to the front porch leaking. It needs a whole new roof, but that takes more dosh than we have at the moment. We know that there have in the past been various leaks in the kitchen and what we call the herb room. However, for the last 3 years the only leak in the main house has been in the herb room. Until last night. Five separate leaks of different intensity in the kitchen and the one in the herb room just poured.

We got out the mop. Emptied buckets and other things that filled that had been in place during the last rain a week or so ago. I had to ‘rescue’ my sewing area as the rain came in the side window that accidentally got left open. Then we went to bed.

At 5am, it began to rain hard. I listened to the steady drips turn into torrents. When we got up at 7am, we repeated last night’s bucket and mop duties. We also marked where the roofs had leaked. Why? Well, because on Saturday and Sunday, we will be repairing the roofs.

Then it was off to say goodbye to my aunt and uncle and run a few errands.

This afternoon, as the clouds finally cleared off and I was able to open doors and air out the houses. For the record we got nearly 2 inches of rain in less than 24 hours. Not bad for a place that normally gets 15.5 inches of rain/precipitation a year.

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