Morgan and Anabel

Life has been just a tad hectic. Between work for Dan, lots of meetings for me and life in general, we’ve had two big events. The first one was Morgan going off to college! Earlier in the month, Dan and Morgan got her Colorado ID and then registered her for college at Otero State Jr. College in La Junta. Locals call it La Hunna. 🙂 It’s about 78 miles east of us. Morgan took her accuplacer test and maxed it. I’m not sure who was more proud. Dan, because she did so well that she doesn’t need any classes below 200 level, or Morgan because she beat her dad’s scores. 🙂

Then the great packing began. Morgan had lots of stuff. Some she left, some was trashed and loads was packed to go to college. Our big worry was housing. At nearly the last minute, we did find her some temporary housing. It is a very nice house about 3 blocks from the college. So, on Sunday we drove her out there, met the woman who owns the house, unpacked Morgan and then took her to Walmart for some groceries. Morgan had a little melt down, but not bad at all. Especially as she won’t be 16 until next month!

Then we said our goodbyes and headed home. On the drive home, we hit a coyote. 🙁 No help for it though. We dropped like rocks into bed.

Monday morning, Dan went off to work by 6am and Anabel, my grandaughter arrived at 9:30am.  She’s 8 and I hadn’t seen her in a year. It was so good to see her. We talked, took lots of pictures, made a carob cake and a carrot cake. My parents and my ex husband came over to see Anabel too. Anabel and I looked at treasures, made her a pillow, and two necklaces. She played on the Xoom while I did dishes and cooked dinner. Luckily, Dan got home in time to see her too. She’d been asking for him all day, which I thought was great. 🙂

Her Great-grandma Sue picked her up around 7pm. I’ll miss her, but we will see her soon. 🙂

And now the house is so quiet.

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Last week we went up to Cheyenne, Wyoming. We visited my son Erin and his wife. It was a good visit with Logan trying to do genealogy and figure out the family connections. 🙂

Logan: What do I call you? (meaning Dan)

Dan: Well, you can call me Dan or Grandpa Dan or Papa Dan. It doesn’t matter to me.

Logan: You live with Grandma Sudar, but you aren’t my Grandpa, so I’ll call you Dan.

Which was great. Ewan on the other hand was a giggle. I asked for a hug and got “No! No touch!” Okay, he hasn’t seen me in a while, I understand. Logan hugged me and Dan. I asked Ewan if he’d hug Dan, thinking we’d get the same answer. Instead, we got… “Paaaapa!” and a great big hug. LOL! Ewan did make up with me later.

We drove all over Cheyenne. Lots of beautiful houses and buildings and these big 8ft cowboy boots. I took lots of pictures, and some of them are posted. We also drove out to Vedawoo Rocks. I remember a picnic there as a kid.

All in all, it was a really good trip. On the way home, we stopped at IKEA and bought a desk for Dan and a bed for us! Wheeee! Dan wasn’t too enthusiastic about it at first. Thought it was just an expense we could do without. I said I wanted a bed frame!  I explained it had been nearly 24 years since I had a nice bed frame. So, we bought it. Morgan and I put it together and it is heavenly. About 30 minutes after we went to bed that night, Dan rolled over and apologized. He decided that I’d made a good choice. 🙂 Come to find out he’d never slept in a bed with a whole frame, just one of those frames on wheels things. So,… 🙂 I forgave him.

Here are the pictures of the trip. Oh, and as usual, I was behind the camera.

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