Of lumberjacks and interior decorations…

Today while I installed fixtures in the bathroom and tidied up things, Dan and Dayne cut back branches on two trees. We are due to have 60 to 80 mph winds tomorrow, and both of the trees had branches that rubbed on the house. I was sorry to have to trim them, but… it was needed.

Tomorrow while the wind blows and Dan fixes computers, I will be doing touch up work in the bathroom and begin to ready the kitchen and breakfast nook for paint! Once those rooms are painted, I can start unpacking a lot of boxes! Wheee!

Books, Books, Books!

I’ve begun to unpack the boxes and boxes of books. Granted, I can’t find one box and that is making me twitchy. (Pratchett where are you?) We will be acquiring better bookcases, but what we have is a start. I have two closets full of books to sort through as well. Meanwhile, the library and Friends of the Library will be receiving all of the unwanted books.


We’ve been painting and repairing things at the house. Not new news, I know, but… We are actually getting somewhere. 🙂 The master bedroom is painted, has new electric plugs, plates and switch. It even has some furniture in it!

The bathroom is nearly done. We have to touch up the corners near the ceiling and put another coat on the inside of the shower stall. I’ve started painting trim. Yes, it is green, but it is a 1930’s kinda green, not neon lime. We still have a few wall repairs to do, but they won’t delay the painting.

The library… Paint. New electric plugs, plates and switch. Floor oiled and mopped, and… Furniture! We had a table at the old house that my grandpa had made out of a door and drills from the coal mine. We took it over to this house yesterday, and it looks like it was made to be there. Wow! Perfect! 🙂

I moved boxes today, and will be moving more furniture tomorrow. I’ll put three bookshelves in the library and start filling them with books. Ahhhh!


Yesterday was cold! We got about 4-5 inches of snow, and the sun slipped in and out of the clouds all day. Yet we had a wonderful surprise. Visitors! Granted, they were rather shy and just walked around the yard, but it was great. Pics below.

It was cold in the house today, and we lit our first fire in the fireplace. It was a little smokey, but we figured we’d need to clean the fireplace. Dan finished fixing the stairs, so the trip to the basement is no longer an accident waiting to happen. The paint in the library dried, and I will need to do a second coat. The bathroom needs a second coat as well. Once that is done, and a few touch ups are made in the guest room, we will begin to move things into place. Book cases, books, and furniture. We will be moving tools into the furnace/tool room as well. The house is really looking good.