Of Prom and Pollen, Sneezes and Spasms

Last night was the high school prom. Daniel got all dressed up and looked so handsome. I wasn’t sure it was my son he looked so nice!

Daniel all dressed up.

Since this is a small town, everyone is invited to the Grand March. This is where the DJ or the principal introduces all of the couples. We got there early, so I could get a good seat. While there were about 80 kids at prom, there were nearly 300 people in the audience.

The gym all dressed up.

It always amazing me how nice they can make that place look with a bit of fabric, flowers and lights. Daniel’s date, Angela met us at the high school. Her mom sat next to me on the bleachers and she didn’t even know what dress Angela had picked for the night as they had bought three different ones! However, Angela looked beautiful! Our first glimpse of her was when she and Daniel came down the catwalk. All of the kids were suppose to stop just past the arch. The girls got a rose from the guys, and the guys got a garter from the girls. They they are suppose to turn, stop and let everyone take pictures… Right…..

Angela giving Daniel the garter.

I barely got this picture. The next one shows them walking off. sigh… However, I did get some good ones at the end where everyone is trying to take pictures and it looks like a paparazzi feeding frenzy.

Angela and Daniel

I slowly worked my way to the door and headed home. Downloaded all the pictures and sent them off to the various relatives. :> Then I did some laundry and decided to make an early night of it. I had a date with my book!

So, there I was, quietly reading when I sneezed. Achoo! Pain! Spasm! Achoo! More pain! Oh my gods! Somehow, I had twisted/pinched/torqued the muscles on the left side of my ribcage right at the lower edge of the ribs. I laid there trying to catch my breath, and Oscar the dog kept poking at me with that “mom! Mom! Are you ok?” look on his face. He’s a German Shepard who thinks he’s a cat. So, having an 85 pound dog trying to check on me while I curled up in a ball and tried not to sneeze again was a bit awkward.  John came down to check on me and by then I was able to sit up. I figured I could breath, so I tried to read a bit more of my book. Did fine right up until I sneezed again. Pain! This time, I put the book down and curled up on my side and went to bed.

Woke up this morning, feeling fine. Right up until the point where I moved. Mistake! Whatever is pinched is still there. Sneezing hurts. Breathing, drinking, eating hurts! A hot shower helped a bit, but… Ow! Figured it didn’t matter what I did, so I went to the office, as my desk is still a disaster. Thought I could at least get some paperwork done.  Of course, I sneezed and almost fell out of my chair. Dan gave me that look, the one that asks what’s wrong and says he thinks I’ve screwed up and should know better. Once he found out, he made me a hot water bottle. So, I curled up for a while with a hottie and tried to relax.

I went back to my computer a bit ago, and while sneezing/coughing/breathing still hurts, it isn’t as painful. Dan is driving the kids to school tomorrow as the thought of sneezing and spasming at 65mph just doesn’t thrill me. I’ll have enough on my plate as it is, just showering and doing the paperwork.

I hate allergies!

First Flight! (or, Jr. g33k takes her first job)

Well, sorta…

Yesterday, I got a call from a client of ours who is very sweet although not exactly tech savvy. Her computer was being flooded with pop-ups saying that her virus protection was dead. I tried to walk her through the process on the phone, but soon realized that she couldn’t cope. So, I explained what was going on to Dan. While I was talking to him and wondering how he was going to have time to go do this, I realized that the client had Vista. A platform that neither of us are very familiar with in any way. So, while he tried to get to a stopping point, I decided that I could go and do this job. All it was was a software clean up and install. So, I told the client I’d be right down. I think I actually surprised Dan. :>

So, I hopped in Little Red Truck and headed off to her shop. She has an antique mall type place. I found out that she hadn’t done any updates and that her MacAfee’s had gone dead. It took me forever to find where to uninstall programs. Not to mention I got sick and tired of Vista’s “Nanny mentality” real fast. grrr……. Cleared up the files, downloaded programs and started to run them. Couldn’t get things to do what I wanted, because Adobe 7.5 wasn’t interacting well with Vista. Had to dump that and start again. By this time, I am getting good with Vista… sigh.

While the programs were running, I went to see if Daniel’s flowers were ready. They weren’t, so I have to pick them up later this morning. Wheee… Prom! Talked to John on the phone for a minute. He was laughing about me having “fun” with Vista. I went back and did some more work. Gave her Firefox, Thunderbird, AVG and Adobe 8. I got everything working except her email. I lhad AVG running it’s stuff and by this point, Dan had shown up to see what was taking so long. rolls eyes He was teasing me of course. However, I hadn’t eaten since breakfast, so we left AVG doing it’s thing and went to eat dinner.

While we were eating dinner, I found out that John had called looking for me and Dan had taken the opportunity to tell John how proud he was of me. That I had gone from computer illiterate to jr. g33k with enough confidence to go out and help some one else. 🙂 I was embarrassed and happy all at the same time.

We went back this morning and between Dan and myself, we got her email up and running as well as finished all the updates, virus clean-ups etc. Wheeeee! We picked up Daniel’s flowers and dumped the deposit in the bank.

The rest of this afternoon has been spent adding Digg, Technorati and del.iciou.us accounts. Fun…… I hope. Oh, and Prom to photograph tonight.

In Print!!!!

I talked to one of the local reporters two days ago, and it bore fruit!!!

Pueblo Chieftain article

We also made the Huerfano Journal in the Briefs section.

Huerfano Journal article

Plus, business has been going well. We are connecting people and selling equipment to help people connect better. Huzzah!!!! Now we have to get cracking on the paperwork that is piling up. Or, that needs to be written and then dealt with. Wheeee! Can you tell I’m just a little bit excited?

We Are LIVE!!!!

On Tuesday RBT went live in Aguilar!

Dan and Karen finally got all the bugs worked out of the MicroTik and the rest of the system. Karen then tested the logins and they flipped the switches. boom! Aguilar was live with wireless Internet communications.

I no sooner got the call that we were live than we had the first few customers log on. Wheeeee!!!! This was really good as we had less than 24 hours at that point to pay on the T-1 bill. Luckily we made enough. Now to just keep that cash flow going.

Sadly, we had to take the MicroTik out of the Budget Host because it and the Engenius radios are not talking nicely. The Engenius products don’t like heat or cold in extremes. This means that we have had 4 of them fry in less than 3 months. Not a happy thing. So, BH is up and running free wireless at the moment. :< Not great for the pocketbook. However, we hope to have that fixed in the next month.

Meanwhile, we are working on paperwork. Forms, letters, billing and all sorts of other bits. Wheee….. NOT. My office is a mess. I also need to make up a new ad for the Huerfano Journal as well as a “letterhead” or logo for the business. Our business cards are rather generic, and I want to do something with lightning bolts or radio waves and mimic the local scenery with it. Dan wanted a skull with crossed lightning bolts under it and antennas for ears. Karen said no. Bad enough that our favourite song at the moment is The Last Saskatchewan Pirates by the Arrogant Worms.

Dan wants it to play when people bring up our website or for our hold music on the phone. Karen just twitches as she gets the song stuck in her head. teeheehee….

Yesterday was busy in that between taking all sorts of calls, I made posole and then Dan, Morgan and I headed to Gardner School for Poetry Night by the 5th & 6th graders. They do this sort of Beatnik coffee house thing. It’s always fun. Last night in the middle of one of the girls reciting her poem, a spider descended from the ceiling. The table of girls to the left saw it and started to squirm. Dan went to the rescue and removed a wolf spider about the size of a nickel. Dan was acclaimed a hero. I’m not sure who flinched more, the girls, or Julia, the principal. Afterwards, we drove home and after checking to see if Aguilar was still up, we went to bed early. Wheeeee!

Today started out with me taking the kids to school and Dan checking to see if Aguilar was still running. Gads! You’d think it was a newborn baby he had to check to see if it was still breathing. OK, well it is sort of a new baby. :> We had our first customer who forgot how to log on and another inquiry about equipment. We are going to have to keep and inventory of routers and cables as well as switches and the rest of the computer bits. Thank goodness for lots of shelves.

Karen and Dan are also out looking at a tower site. It might be for sale cheap enough to snatch up. If so, it would be a real feather in our cap. Tonight we also have to work on documenting all of the fun stuff…. like how we did it. sigh… Oh, and I get to start a new book. Deploying License-Free Wireless Wide-Area Networks.

I’d much rather read Widdershins By De Lint, but that will just have to wait a bit. Professional reading comes first. I’ll take it with me when I go to pick up the kids at Badito. After we come home, I’m going to warm up the posole from last night. John and Beth are due home really late from their Library conference in Pueblo. Good thing the kids don’t mind eating in a half finished kitchen.

Well, I’m off! Yeah, and more than just my rocker!

Come Saturday morning,

And I’m finally relaxing after a busy week. Oh my this has been a non-stop run from Sunday to today, and it isn’t going to get any quieter for a while. (ever?)

Yesterday was my regular ‘run to Pueblo’ shopping trip. We go up about every two weeks to get all the groceries needed for our crazy extended family. This includes the Harpers-Dan/Beth/Matt/Morgan, my eldest son and family- Erin/Morgan/Logan and us-John/Daniel & me. Oh, and you can’t forget the 3 dogs and 6 cats. I learned a long time ago that it was cheaper to shop in Pueblo for the majority of the groceries. Safeway in town is good for emergency things, milk and meat. Otherwise, they are just too expensive to buy all the day to day stuff. Yes, even with the gas prices at $3.39 a gallon. On an average trip, I go to Vitamin Cottage, Sam’s Club, Target, PetCo/Petsmart, and Walmart. I’d prefer to shop at just Target and Vitamin Cottage, but can’t afford the cost. Even Safeway, King Soopers, or City Market in Pueblo are even more expensive. Therefore, I compromise. In the summer, I hit the farmers markets and have a small garden when possible. Our high desert climate and the droughts we’ve had over the last 10 years have made that difficult at times.

This trip included a run to JCPenny’s. Last time it was Little Morgan who needed special clothing. This time it was Daniel. He told me on Thursday evening that he was taking Angela to Prom. You could have knocked me over with a stick! He and Angela have been friends since about 3rd grade. Never really dating per say, but always friends. Dan said that he had a double breasted suit jacket that Daniel could borrow. It fit like it was made for him. Therefore, all we had to get were the trews, tie and shirt.

Daniel is very muscular, and so it took 5 different styles of trews to find a pair to fit that he liked. Granted, it would have helped if he wore them around his waist instead of his hips, but….. that’s just me being old fashioned I guess! Finally found a pair to fit. Black, front pleats and satin finished with cuffs. Size 34/29’s. If he’d worn them at the waist, they’d have been 32/30’s. Oh well. On to the shirt and tie. I think we looked through 20 different shirts and half a dozen styles. To go with that waist of his, he has broad shoulders. We finally found a double back pleated shirt in sateen finish that he liked. Maroon. Size 16.5/34. We could have gone for a 17 collar, but that would have been just too much shirt around the waist. The tie he picked out was black silk with diagonal stripes in satin and matte finish. I was trying not to think what this would cost. Luckily, it was all on sale, so instead of spending nearly $200, I got out of there for $94. phew!

After that little adventure, we did the regular grocery run and had lunch at the Panda Buffet. It had been a while since I’d been in there and it was a nice change. I get tired of fast food, and there are only 3 or 4 nice sit down restaurants to go to nearby that I like. Being diabetic has made me a tad picky.

We got home at 5:30pm, unloaded groceries at 203 and then 520. Daniel couldn’t wait any longer and tried on the clothes we’d bought. When he came out to have me tie the tie, I wasn’t sure that it was my Daniel! Oh my! Then he put on the jacket and “struck a pose”. WoW! GQ watch out! Even Daniel was impressed with how he looked. When Dan got back to the office an hour or so later, Daniel dressed up again. Dan was gob smacked. When we showed John, Morgan and Erin after that, John and Morgan were also impressed. Erin just looked at his brother and asked when they were going to get back to the show we’d interrupted! LOL…..

I have promised to get pictures at Prom. It’s next Saturday, and true to form in a small town, everyone who is even slightly related to some kid at prom shows up for the grand march. It cracked me up the first time I got an invitation to Prom when I was on the local school board. I didn’t know that the invitation was to attend the grand march. Totally confused me! We never did that in Littleton. My graduating class was bigger than the entire school district here. It is fun though to see the kids all dressed up. You can tell the girls who haven’t worn a dress since 8th grade graduation or their Quinceaños. They walk so awkwardly in dresses and heels. And the boys…. most of them haven’t worn a suit since they were about 3 or 4. They clean up so nicely!

Today was catch-up day. I’m trying to do all the paperwork I should have gotten done on Friday. Dan and Karen are installing parts for the Aguilar wifi system. They did a run to Denver yesterday for parts. Catch-up day for all of us. I even caught up on a bit of sleep. I got up late today, and yet was falling asleep over my keyboard. Not wanting to wake up with QWERTY on my forehead, I laid down for a nap. I ended up with Tosoto and Princess Butterbutt curled up behind my legs. They were warm and comfy, and not happy that I got up. Oh well. Once Karen and Dan get back, I’ll be off to 203. Wheee…… More laundry and housework. I think I need a vacation!

If it’s snowing, it must be Colorado in the Spring!

Yes, it is snowing. Again! In fact, we have nearly 9 inches of sloppy wet snow. Gads! It started yesterday evening with a bit of sleet. Just enough to dampen the sidewalks and let you know it is cold and wet. It was a big change from the last few days.

Tuesday was warm! High 70’s, and maybe even as high as 80. However, we also had wind gusts of up to 60mph!. Dust and grit crept into everything, and there was no escaping the wind. Our business partner Karen was complaining about the wind and dust. We just laughed and told her to wait a day. I knew what was coming, but was enjoying the warmth in spite of the wind. It was hazy with all the dust in the air. There was also smoke as three seperate fires had broken out across the state. Ordway was the worst hit.

Wednesday, I decided to wear jeans as we had to move scrap metal. Dan and I filled up the truck with all the metal and copper we had in the back yard and headed to Pueblo to sell it. Too many bills and not enough paycheck. sigh… We got about $400 for the whole load. After we did that, we had lunch at the Mongolian Grill and then headed home. Half way home, Dan felt ill. We stopped and he went to the loo while I filled up the truck. Lunch had not agreed with him. I wasn’t feeling as bad, but not good either. Mental note,…. don’t eat there again! We got home, and I stuffed Dan in bed. While he slept, I went to the store and got some gatorade for him. I also took John to the new library site so he could take construction pictures. Progress is so slow, and it is driving him crazy. It started to rain/sleet while I waited for him to finish. Brrr……..

Dan slept for about two hours, and then decided to get up. Good thing, as Little Morgan called to tell us all about her day. They went to Historic Williamsburg. She got to see a court case and a hanging. Really enjoyed herself. She has also developed a severe case of “Ohmygod! little girl chatter accent. LOL! Meanwhile, I grabbed some firewood to bring in because I wasn’t sure how long it would be before it started to snow. With all that wind and dust the day before, I wasn’t surprised at the change in weather. We had dinner and watched a couple of Babylon 5 episodes and then went to bed.

This morning, I woke up at 6am, and looked at the window. There was at least 6 inches of snow! No way I was going to drive. I asked Dan to drive, and he was ok with that. The school called and said that there was a two hour delay, which was fine by us. Dan cleared off the truck, and I crawled back in bed! Not often that I get to sleep late, especially on a week day.

I slept till nearly 9am. Got up, had a bath and was at work by 9:45am, which was just about the time that Dan got back from taking Matt and Nadia to school. As it was still snowing, we didn’t think that our 10am appointment would show up. His name is Philip, but we call him Santa Claus, because he looks like him! White hair and beard with the belly to match. A very sweet, lonely man in his mid 70’s. I think he comes over more for the company than to have his computer fixed. Sort of like another client of ours, Carl. Good thing that Dan is so very gentle with both of them.

The sun has finally come out, but the odd flake is still falling. We got at least 9 inches of wet snow out of this. Tower hill is going to be a mudbath on Saturday. Blehhhh… Oh well. Nothing like a bit of Crudability to make you look like you work for a living. Wheee….

Oh, and it is suppose to be nearly 70 on Saturday!

Monday Morning you sure look…. warm!

Huzzah! I have the doors and windows open, and warm air is streaming in! Hung up the winter coat again and stashed the long johns in the dirty clothes. I even have a skirt on today! Ok, it is flannel and velvet, but it is a skirt!

It has been a slow morning. Hauled myself out of bed to take Matt and Nadia to school and then woke up Daniel. He was suppose to be ready, but had fallen back asleep. Wouldn’t have had anything to do with Oscar the dog snuggling up to him… No…  teeheehee… Finally got him to school and then went over to the office.

Dan didn’t get home until nearly 3:20am. He stayed with Morgan and Beth until they were nearly ready to get on the plane. Then there was the drive home from Denver. Wheee…..  So, I tip-toed around the office, tried to answer the phones before they made too much noise, etc. I also opened up the doors and windows to let in the warm air. It is about 65 outside right now! I even managed my “morning commute”. While others drive for 45 minutes or so, I cruise the internet. I read the news, my web comics, email, etc. I even had time to change the header on my site from the geological dikes to the Spanish Peaks as they look right now. It gives me time to “wake up” and get my brain in gear. I can answer the phone on automatic, but writing text for work is not possible until my thoughts look like something other than tapioca.

Radial Dikes Near LaVeta, Colorado

Erin and Karen both came over about noon. Dan got up and I made lunch. Quesadillas. Yummm!

Now Karen and Dan are plotting to add another antenna to the tower in Aguilar. Most of the calls to the office today have been about connectivity or the lack thereof. It is a lot more difficult to tilt and point antennas than I originally thought. Being the jr. G33k here has it’s disadvantages, as I feel so far behind in knowledge some days.

Granted, it depends on the company I’m in. I have a District Strategic Planning Committee meeting this evening. There, I am a G33K, not just a jr. g33k. We were discussing technology in the schools, and I brought up the descriptions of Digital Native, Digital Immigrant and Digital Naturalized Citizen. None of them knew what I was talking about. I literally had to describe it, and we had two “tech” people there. Aieee-Ya! I realize that I am a Digital Naturalized Citizen, or really close to having that title when compared to a great many people. One area I differ in from some though is that I choose not to let the cell phone or computer run my life like some do. I do take my electronic leash/cell phone and turn it off on occassion. Fun bit though, I can move from pen to typewriter to keyboard and not miss a beat. :> Mwahahahah!!

Sunday, Busy Sunday!

Finally, a quiet moment, a cup of tea and a few gingersnaps. It has been a long 36 hours. I no sooner got the last entry posted than Dan called from Aguilar. I had to pull on my steel toed boots, grab Erin and head to Aguilar so that we could adjust the antennas on the tower. It was real fun when we hit the tower road. The snow from the last few days had turned the local clay into a morass. We had to put Blue into 4wheel drive and nearly went through the gate sideways.

When we got there, Karen and Erin went off in the trucks with computers turned on searching for the signal from the tower.  We had to adjust the antennas and let Karen or Erin tell us what the signal strength was. Then re-adjust them. Sort of tedious for me down on the ground listening to the radio chatter and watching Dan . I was safety.  Not exactly sure what I could have done had he fallen, but… that is what my job was. Dan of course was up on the tower holding on with a safety belt and his arms while he worked with the antennas. The wind gusted at one point, and he slipped. Luckily, he grabbed the tower and held on tight enough to bruise his arms. Ouch! I was really glad when he decided that the antennas were as good as they were going to get for the moment. We will do more adjustments later in the week. For now, all we have to do is turn on the billing system on Monday and pass out fliers to various businesses. Wheeee!

We came home, cooked dinner and watched Hogsfather. It was a riot! Almost didn’t make it all the way through it though as we were so tired.

Today started out slow and built up a head of steam like a boiler on a steam train. I actually got to lay in bed for a bit this morning. I think it was nearly 10:30am before I even pulled back the covers. However, once we got up and moving, life just ran away with us. Dan had to work on the kids computers, finish getting some stuff for Morgan’s trip to D.C. and then get ready to drive her and Beth to the airport. I had laundry to do and needed to run to the store. Divot was doing multiple trips between 203 and 520. Morgan came over to 520, and we helped her get the last of her stuff done. That included editing an assignment she had to take with her for the trip. (People to People)

Erin and Big Morgan along with Logan came over and helped finish things up. Erin and Big Morgan bought Morgan a trac phone so that she’d have a way to contact us here if there was an emergency of if she just got lonely. I wrote her a note to put in her bag, and gave her my Kwan Yin to take with her. Dan gave her his big amethyst crystal- the one I gave him about a year ago. Morgan was just dancing in place with happiness and nerves. Finally, around 6pm, we headed over to 203 where we picked up Beth and said our goodbyes. While Morgan is in D.C., Beth is going to Florida to visit a friend. Dan was taking them up in LRT. Cramped ride that! Oh well. They left around 6:30pm, and I headed over to Karen’s for dinner.

Karen had invited Dan and I over for dinner, but with him off to Denver, I got to go. Not bad. She made spaghetti. We had dinner and chatted for an hour or so. Played with Brandy a bit and then headed out the door. Ran into two friends of Daniel’s who wanted Karen to train their puppies. She said she’d help, but that was it. I finally got over to 203 around 8:30pm. More laundry and then time to get ready for the morning.

Tomorrow is going to be busy. I have copies of the Micro Soft fix for Vista to print. Apparently, Vista doesn’t like some wireless connections. grrr…. Plus, I have a few bits of procedure to work out. I have to write scripts for phone work and a news release for the business. Wheeee…… Not looking forward to the scripts, but I have to have something to say when people ask me questions where I’m not sure of the answers. Plus, I have to have something for any new employee who might come along later. sigh…

Now to finish my tea and curl up with my book! I am determined to finish the Kim Harrison novel before I have to dive into the book on WWans. (wireless wide area networks)

Saturdays here in the West,….. think it was supose to be Spring!

Honestly, you’d think it was still midwinter! Woke up to 2 more inches of snow and the temperature was 28 degrees! Brrrr! Had to climb back into long undies and pull the heater into the bedroom last night. I am so ready for warmer weather!

Last night Dan and I watched Sweeny Todd. Good movie. We watched it in between calls from Karen and Carlos. Figured it was the best use of the oddball bits of time between business. Johnny Depp sounds like David Bowie from Labyrinth when he sings. Lovely voice!

Woke up this morning, and while I don’t know what I was dreaming, my brain was thinking in Deutsch. Ja, ganz und gar Auf Deutsch! Es war sehr interesant sein! Und, ein bisssen unglaublich.  Ich denke auf Deutsch, Ich spreche auf Deutsch. Sehr lange war die Morgan.

Today we are starting to get Morgan packed for her trip to DC. She is so excited! Dan stuck one of his flannel shirts in her bag for her to snuggle when she’s gone. I think that the only thing she is really missing is a raincoat or light jacket to take with her. Granted, if it doesn’t warm up, she’ll have to take her heavy coat with her as well.

Must be off to rotate laundry, and do boring household bits. Unless of course Dan and Karen call saying that they will be doing tower work. If that’s on, I’ll be grabbing Erin and heading off to Aguilar. Wheee…… We tried yesteday, and the weather was bad enough that we canceled yet again. Had a premonition about Dan falling, and there was just no way we were going to go down there! Nope! Not even going to watch that happen if I can help it.

Springtime in the Rockies…

Geeze! We had the ultimate in flip-flop weather this week. First part of the week was warm. Flowers were blooming, trees budding and even the wind was fairly warm. Well, this morning it was cool and cloudy. I took the kids to Badito, and the clouds followed me home. I wasn’t at the office more than 15 minutes when Dan said it was snowing. I looked out the window, and there were big fat flakes landing everywhere.

We brought some firewood in and got the fireplace going to warm up the office. Dan had broken a lot of the dead branches off of the tree in the front yard yesterday. Some of them had been ‘widow makers’, so we didn’t want to leave them hanging. It had been a real adventure as he went up in the bucket truck to reach the branches. Mom and I watched as he pulled these branches off and dropped them to the ground. We have a nice stack started which will probably last about four hours.

By 9am, we had to cancel the day’s activities that we had originally planned. There was no way that Dan was going to climb the tower to adjust the antennas in the snow. It was bad enough the other day in the wind.Dan up on Aguilar tower

Doing that kind of work in snow,…. No Way! So, we rearranged our workday and started on Friday’s work. By this time, we had nearly 5 inches of snow.

Snow outside the office.

This meant that I had to do all the editing of the various webpages. Hardest part was trying to find a Terms of Service policy. However, WordPress came to the rescue! Thank you WordPress!!! Spending 20 minutes reading through and altering that document saved me so much work. Then we had to edit our “how to” flier for both the Budget Host and Aguilar. I barely got started on that when Daniel called.

Because of the snow, he didn’t go to Trinidad for his building trades class. I dug out Blue, our Ford pick-up, and headed over to the school. I picked him up from school, grabbed the snow shovel and headed over to my parents. Daniel brought Oscar. While Daniel shoveled snow, Mom and I went to run some errands. I grabbed lunch while we were out, and we arrived back at the office just in time for Erin, Morgan and Logan to show up. We had him running around the office pointing and jibbering away like babies do while the phones were ringing and Dan was printing the first drafts of the fliers off.

The fliers looked pretty good. There are two of them, and each has unique bits. He started the run for the Aguilar fliers as we finished eating. Dad called, so I took Mom back over to her house. Daniel was ready, so we piled into the truck. Lovely…. mud, snow, steaming wet dog, Daniel and me. I dropped Daniel and Oscar off at the house and headed back to the office. Dad sent a bag full of wood that we added to the fire. :> Lovely heat!

Then it was back to answering phones, editing and Google searches for information. Wheee! Tonight when I head home I get to tackle laundry, clean house and hem up Morgan’s trousers she is taking on her trip to DC.

And maybe, just maybe if it’s warmer, we’ll go to Aguilar and while Dan climbs the tower to adjust antennas. I’ll deliver fliers. We’ve got both T-1’s up and running, software working and money being generated. Huzzah!!! This might turn out to be a business after all.:>