Hot pockets, knitting blogs and code monkeys

It’s been a long and busy day. Normally on a Friday, I get to sleep in just a little. No bus run to Badito. (16 miles one way) Our school district operates on a four day week. (m-th) However, the local school district moved the calendar around so that everyone could have a whole week off for Thanksgiving. Part of that adjustment meant that the kids went to school today.

So, Morgan and Matt got up at the usual 5:45am and started getting ready for school. They did a One Room School House event which is usually held the last day before T-day. Gardner school does this every year to commemorate the old fashioned schools. It is a really neat event with people dressing up in old fashioned clothes and the kids learning modern lessons in old fashioned style. I got to call Daniel off of school, because on Fridays since there normally isn’t school, he works a double shift at Alys’ Fireside Cafe. At one time or another, everyone in the family has worked there.

After I got back from Badito, I laid down for a few minutes to relax. (ahahaha!) 8am rolled around and Dan was up to code the website that he has promised to Brian and Gretchen Orr. They are the owners of the Huerfano Journal, the newspaper that is starting up in about a week. This meant that my free time was up, and I needed to get going in the office at 520 Penn. Dan mumbled something akin to thanks when hot tea appeared under his nose and actually stopped typing long enough to eat some scrambled eggs. Then it was back to coding. He wouldn’t be doing this website, except that G&B hired this French computer firm that promised them the moon and sort of handed them a slice of green cheese. The website should have been up over two weeks earlier and we happened to walk in with an article for Brian about the time he was pulling out his hair. So, Dan promised that we (Raton Basin Technologies) could put up a placeholder website for him. (see Dan. See Dan promise. See Dan write code till 2am.)

So, while Dan wrote code, I got a few chores done in my office. It is a mess.

My office, part 1

My office, part 2

I got some of it tidy, but there are still spots where I probably aught to use a bulldozer. I have a speaker system to add to my desk as well. :>

Then we went down to the Huerfano Journal to talk to B&G about the website and some options. We also gave the software to build the site to John Viel, who hosts their site. It was a good meeting, and afterwards we grabbed lunch. Dan went back to coding, and I decided to play with Ravelry and take photos of my projects and yarn. I played with Flickr too! I got that done in time to go pick up the kids at Badito.

I dropped the kids off at the house, threw laundry into the washer and then grabbed a few things and headed to the library. John’s hardhat had arrived and I wanted to give it to him. Oh was he surprised! It fits too! The one the construction company gave to him looked like an apple sitting on top of a watermelon. The library is turning the old high school into the new library. I found a new book to read and then after kisses and hugs, headed out the door.

Ten seconds down the road, I stopped at Erin and Morgan’s house. I had candy for them. English candy! Erin was in heaven, and little Logan loved his chocolate buttons.

Then it was off to Safeway. I grabbed milk, Dr. Pepper, iced tea and hot pockets. Must feed the code monkey! I dropped the milk off at the house and headed back to the office. Dan was so funny too, when he realized that I had brought him caffeine and hot pockets! He grabbed a soda and went back to coding. The website is looking beautiful.

Now it is my turn to relax. Playing on the web, eating hot pockets and looking forward to finishing up a sock! (Yule prezzie!)

2 thoughts on “Hot pockets, knitting blogs and code monkeys

  1. Wow! The new partnership sounds like fun! Dan is such a treasure. I used to like being involved in small business. I had one job where I was the only employee, doing the books for three different companies (all owned by the same family).
    I do like knitting better though.

    I don’t think I have time to finish all the yule projects I’d planned. Time to shift priorities and just buy the ones for the kids, I guess :-}

  2. It has been interesting. Hectic and all consuming at times too, but lots of fun. I’m learning HTML because of the business and other things I never thought I would. And yes, Dan is a treasure. :>

    I’m learning to do the books. Not my favorite subject. Too many numbers some days!

    I’m not sure how many of the Yule prezzies I’ll get done, but I will probably be doing the last minute shopping thing around the 15th of December. We will see.

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