Cold and tired

    The last few days have been long and cold. We have been trying to get the Budget Host hotel wifi network up and running. One problem is that the average temperature while we’ve been working has been about 20 degrees. After you are out in that for 5-6 hours, you just are too cold and tired to think.

I’m also muscle sore. Dan is worse off, as he still has the hacking cough. Karen has stayed a few extra days to try and help us get things up, and between the three of us we are still barely getting things done. I’m also coming up with a loooong list of things to do “pre-installation. I’m going to have a book about 2 inches thick by the time we are done with Aguilar. sigh… Not exactly the kind of writing I expected to be doing.

However, on other fronts… We got the Tatra emergency vehicle pamphlet written. We had to edit Karen’s prose and then mine to get it to fit and meet everyone’s approval. Carlos presented it on Friday and the guy really liked it. Liked it enough that he told Carlos about another project that might see us wiring 300+ towers for communications down South. Now the “sit and wait” time to see if we get contract offers.

Today we are writing up the weekly article for the Huerfano Journal and then going back out in the cold to fix the wiring faults we had yesterday. gads…  I think I want a nap!

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