Windy yet again!

I know it is suppose to be in like a Lion, out like a Lamb or visa versa for March, but… It was leonine weather at the start of the month and today too! In fact, the wind woke me up at around 4am.

Yesterday was a busy one. Tried to sleep in, but the phone kept ringing! Phonus Interupticus too! sigh…Oh well. đŸ˜› Finally got up, bathed and cooked breakfast. Made cheesy scones. Yummm….

Finally got Dan moving and we headed to Aguilar town hall to finish up the wiring job there. Jimmer was in and we had some fine giggles. Got everything done except the meeting room cable and the final linkage to the T-1. Hopefully, that will be done today or tomorrow.

Dragged home late and cooked up lambchops and ratatoulli. It came out heavenly. While I cooked, Dan worked on the phone system. It is having hickups. sigh.. Even though it was late, we watched Man of the Year. Wonderful movie and it was worth staying up late to watch it. I am just glad that we have Spring Break this week and I didn’t have to get up and take the kids to school. Got to sleep in till 7am! Wheeee….

Today it is a semi-busy day at the office. Dan is working with the software vendor, Karen is repairing Pc’s and I’m answering phones and trying to gird up my courage to tackle makeing work forms. yawn…. I really don’t want to, but the alternative is going home and doing laundry. Hmm…. Maybe forms isn’t so bad….

2 thoughts on “Windy yet again!

  1. Winter has been gripping on here, too, but we’ve had sunshine the past few days and I can see some early spring bulbs spearing up.
    I’m going to be workign on soon, I want to get the site up and running as soon as I have a few knitting pattern pdfs ready to go.

  2. We’ve had the on-again, off-again weather. Hot and sunny yesterday and cold again today. I am waiting for some stable warmer weather! I want to be out in the garden!! sigh…

    I’m looking forward to seeing your website when it is up. :> I haven’t had much time for knitting over the last few weeks. Beginning to have withdrawal symptoms.

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