A busy weekend

This weekend would have been busy no matter what as it was a household shopping weekend. However, we also needed to go do shopping for Morgan and her trip to DC which is next week. Wheeee!

Saturday. Dan, Morgan and I left around noon and headed to Colorado Springs. We had to take Little Red Truck, as Divot was still not 100% reliable. We still need to get some parts for it. We found the Mall without too much of a hassle, and took her all around the three levels before we let her go shopping. Yes, I am evil. We also took her to the loudest and most obnoxious store first. Morgan is just a tad conservative. So, it made it very easy to steer her towards the better stores. Much to Dan’s relief- He is so conservative as a daddy! teeheehee. I also took her by Victoria’s Secret and she squeaked, turned red and then furiously whispered in my ear about “why on earth did they just have ALL of that on display!!!” , meaning the bras and undies. Cracked me up that she was shocked that a lingerie store was so blatant with their wares. Dan just stood across the way when we went near the shop. He was trying very hard not to laugh.

We got shoes for her first. She wears a size 8! Found her two pairs of really nice shoes. Both of them the soft style that looks like a slip-on flat. Then we went to various shops for a blouse here or pants there. We got three pairs of pants and three shirts. She was so funny with the dressing rooms and having people wait on her because she’s never experienced it before. We discovered that except for her leg length, she is a Jr. 3 or a women’s 0-2 depending on the cut. Kids 14 or 16 where we could find things to fit. She is very long waisted, which makes even regular cut pants hip huggers. So, to avoid plumbers syndrome, we bought Jr. and Women’s clothing. We got everything on sale. Which helped, as we went to Dillards and paid full price on a swim suit. Dan blanched. He about died. Not because she wanted a bikini top and the long nearly knee length shorts bottoms, but because of the cost. I explained that they are expensive, especially once you are out of the little kid section of any store and not shopping at Walmart. I also explained that having paid sale price for everything else it was still a bargain. Most importantly though, she liked it. :> So, I spoiled her.

We had lunch in the food court and treated her to Greek food. She was in heaven. After we finished eating, we went to Hot Topic. She didn’t see anything she wanted that Dan would buy her, so we headed off to JCPenny’s for bras. Oh My Gods you would have laughed!!! By this time, she had gotten into the whole shopping mindset and was really enjoying herself. Last fall was the first time in ages that she got to go shopping for herself for clothing. That was when I took her and Matt to Kohl’s for their school clothing. So, when we started looking at bras, she was relaxed enough to actually play around. Especially when Dan joined in trying to find bras the right size. Best off, when we found some really loud ones, she grabbed a bigger one and handed it to Dan, saying, “look Daddy, this one is for you!” I laughed, she giggled and Dan blushed. It was so much fun!

After that, we went to Sam’s Club to do some of the household shopping. This was not our local one in Pueblo, but a bigger, posher one in Colorado Springs. It meant of course that we didn’t know where anything was. Morgan rode the front of the cart while Dan did his race car driver impression and I tried to put the stuff in the basket before they whizzed by me. Then we took a drive to try and find Vitamin Cottage. Missed it totally, so we headed to Pueblo.

On our way there, we passed a horrid accident. Three ambulances, one helicopter and four wrecked cars. :::::shudder::::: We got to Pueblo and did the Walmart shopping. Once again, Morgan on the cart with Dan pushing. We’d been teaching her German, and So she’d shout Links or Rechts! as she went down the aisles. It was a riot! When we were done, we grabbed Burger King and ate in the parking lot. Got home at about 11:30PM. They took the stuff in the house and then I headed over to 203 with the groceries.

Sunday, John and Beth were suppose to go shopping with Morgan. However, Beth had loads of school work to do, so I figured I’d just go up alone to do the shopping. Dan hurried through his work so that he could go with me shopping to pick up the stuff we missed. In fact, all three of us went. Huzzah!!!

First stop being Vitamin Cottage. If you could imagine two puppies let loose in a park full of scent, you’d have those two. I gave up trying to keep up with them and just deposited stuff in the basket as they’d pass me. They had wayyy too much fun.

Then I asked her what she wanted to go do. Target or the Mall. (much smaller than Citadel) She said she wanted to go to the Mall, and …drumroll…. get her ears pierced. Dan got all pale again, and I asked her if that was what she really wanted to do. She said yes. Dan looked at me, and nodded, and Morgan started bouncing up and down in her seat. So, we went to the Mall. Now, you have to understand that part of the reason Dan went so pale is that he had a precog on this. That he’d taken her to get her ears pierced and at the last moment she had gotten scared and wanted to back out. Being the good Daddy, he had said that if she would, he would… and that they both ended up with pierced ears. We went into the Mall, and right over to the shop that does piercings. I told her that all four of the boys had their ears done there. She smiled and picked out her earrings. Small stainless steel studs. She was a little nervous, but told her Dad that he didn’t have to get his ear pierced. Oh was he relieved!!! We discussed the fact that when he had the original precog moment, that he didn’t know me, and having me along changed things. She got her ears pierced without a problem and then picked out two headbands to keep the hair away from her ears. Morgan did have one request, and that was for us not to tell her mom that she’d gotten her ears pierced. She wants to wait and see how long it takes for Beth to notice. I was a little nervous about that, but we decided that we’d let her have her fun. She looks really cute. I asked her if there was anywhere else she wanted to go and she said, Hot Topic!

This time, she asked for a pair of socks with argyle skulls and crossbones and a pair of orange and black striped tights. I said yes and she went out the door happy. I did tease Dan about buying her a b&w hounds tooth kilt style mini-skirt. He laughed.

Target was our next stop. Household stuff and then a suitcase for Morgan, a belt and pj’s. Once again, Dan was holding his breath as she looked at all the saucy, cami topped sets. I let her look at everything and then reminded her that she needed “conservative” sleepwear. I steered her towards a nice pair of bottoms and a teeshirt style top. In black, which made her happy.

We went to Chili’s for dinner. Yummm! Full and happy, we headed home. We got home around 8, unloaded the truck and I took Morgan back over to 203. School in the morning and all that routine. blahhh….. I threw some laundry in and then headed back over to 520 to do a few things before I needed to head for bed. Finally got to bed around 1am.

Of course today started way too early, but at least I slept well. :> I even crawled back in bed for about 90 minutes. I was way too much of a sleepy head in spite of being up at 6am, doing a load of laundry, driving the kids to the Badito bus stop, coming home, doing another load of laundry, taking Daniel to school and then heading to the office. I plan on an early night tonight!

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