Come Saturday morning,

And I’m finally relaxing after a busy week. Oh my this has been a non-stop run from Sunday to today, and it isn’t going to get any quieter for a while. (ever?)

Yesterday was my regular ‘run to Pueblo’ shopping trip. We go up about every two weeks to get all the groceries needed for our crazy extended family. This includes the Harpers-Dan/Beth/Matt/Morgan, my eldest son and family- Erin/Morgan/Logan and us-John/Daniel & me. Oh, and you can’t forget the 3 dogs and 6 cats. I learned a long time ago that it was cheaper to shop in Pueblo for the majority of the groceries. Safeway in town is good for emergency things, milk and meat. Otherwise, they are just too expensive to buy all the day to day stuff. Yes, even with the gas prices at $3.39 a gallon. On an average trip, I go to Vitamin Cottage, Sam’s Club, Target, PetCo/Petsmart, and Walmart. I’d prefer to shop at just Target and Vitamin Cottage, but can’t afford the cost. Even Safeway, King Soopers, or City Market in Pueblo are even more expensive. Therefore, I compromise. In the summer, I hit the farmers markets and have a small garden when possible. Our high desert climate and the droughts we’ve had over the last 10 years have made that difficult at times.

This trip included a run to JCPenny’s. Last time it was Little Morgan who needed special clothing. This time it was Daniel. He told me on Thursday evening that he was taking Angela to Prom. You could have knocked me over with a stick! He and Angela have been friends since about 3rd grade. Never really dating per say, but always friends. Dan said that he had a double breasted suit jacket that Daniel could borrow. It fit like it was made for him. Therefore, all we had to get were the trews, tie and shirt.

Daniel is very muscular, and so it took 5 different styles of trews to find a pair to fit that he liked. Granted, it would have helped if he wore them around his waist instead of his hips, but….. that’s just me being old fashioned I guess! Finally found a pair to fit. Black, front pleats and satin finished with cuffs. Size 34/29’s. If he’d worn them at the waist, they’d have been 32/30’s. Oh well. On to the shirt and tie. I think we looked through 20 different shirts and half a dozen styles. To go with that waist of his, he has broad shoulders. We finally found a double back pleated shirt in sateen finish that he liked. Maroon. Size 16.5/34. We could have gone for a 17 collar, but that would have been just too much shirt around the waist. The tie he picked out was black silk with diagonal stripes in satin and matte finish. I was trying not to think what this would cost. Luckily, it was all on sale, so instead of spending nearly $200, I got out of there for $94. phew!

After that little adventure, we did the regular grocery run and had lunch at the Panda Buffet. It had been a while since I’d been in there and it was a nice change. I get tired of fast food, and there are only 3 or 4 nice sit down restaurants to go to nearby that I like. Being diabetic has made me a tad picky.

We got home at 5:30pm, unloaded groceries at 203 and then 520. Daniel couldn’t wait any longer and tried on the clothes we’d bought. When he came out to have me tie the tie, I wasn’t sure that it was my Daniel! Oh my! Then he put on the jacket and “struck a pose”. WoW! GQ watch out! Even Daniel was impressed with how he looked. When Dan got back to the office an hour or so later, Daniel dressed up again. Dan was gob smacked. When we showed John, Morgan and Erin after that, John and Morgan were also impressed. Erin just looked at his brother and asked when they were going to get back to the show we’d interrupted! LOL…..

I have promised to get pictures at Prom. It’s next Saturday, and true to form in a small town, everyone who is even slightly related to some kid at prom shows up for the grand march. It cracked me up the first time I got an invitation to Prom when I was on the local school board. I didn’t know that the invitation was to attend the grand march. Totally confused me! We never did that in Littleton. My graduating class was bigger than the entire school district here. It is fun though to see the kids all dressed up. You can tell the girls who haven’t worn a dress since 8th grade graduation or their Quinceaños. They walk so awkwardly in dresses and heels. And the boys…. most of them haven’t worn a suit since they were about 3 or 4. They clean up so nicely!

Today was catch-up day. I’m trying to do all the paperwork I should have gotten done on Friday. Dan and Karen are installing parts for the Aguilar wifi system. They did a run to Denver yesterday for parts. Catch-up day for all of us. I even caught up on a bit of sleep. I got up late today, and yet was falling asleep over my keyboard. Not wanting to wake up with QWERTY on my forehead, I laid down for a nap. I ended up with Tosoto and Princess Butterbutt curled up behind my legs. They were warm and comfy, and not happy that I got up. Oh well. Once Karen and Dan get back, I’ll be off to 203. Wheee…… More laundry and housework. I think I need a vacation!

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