Not exactly sure it’s May!

Why? Well, maybe because when we went to Gardner yesterday to pick up the kids report cards, It SNOWED! It was cool and rainy when we went up to Gardner and by the time we got there, half the raindrops were actually snowflakes. Brrr!

After we got the kids stuff, a tourist walked into the school. Female and about 5 months pregnant. She and her husband were lost. They had followed GPS and had been told that Mosca Pass was drivable. OMG’s! It isn’t drivable!!!! Medano Pass is with a hefty 4WD, but Mosca is a horse or foot trail. So, they were trying to get directions on how to get to the Sand Dunes. Julia, the principal was trying to give the woman directions to Pass Creek which will lead them to HWY 160 and eventually the Sand Dunes. Dan was also standing right there and said that we’d show them the turn as it isn’t very clear if you don’t know the area.

So, we got in the truck and started out. As they were following us, I mentioned to Dan that the weather was getting worse the higher we went and perhaps we aught to just have them follow us all the way over the pass. He agreed, because as we both know, the road is dirt, has lots of odd twists and at this time of year can be dry, snowpacked, muddy, slushy and down right soaked because the creek has jumped it’s banks. By the time we got half way down the road, it was snowing really steadily. We stopped at the junction of Pass Creek road and 160, and the couple thanked us for leading them. We wished them a nice weekend and then drove over La Veta pass to get home. It was a nice drive and we got to do something nice for two lost people.

Oh, and the kids did really well on their report cards!

Today has been a slow day. Slept in a bit, and then just puttered around. Dan isn’t feeling 100%, and neither am I. So far, my biggest effort has been to do two loads of laundry. I think I’ll write a bit more on Digitally Challenged and then curl up with my book.

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