Busy, busy, busy!

Finally had time to post again.  Here’s hoping I can actually type. I don’t know what I did to my hands, but they are so sore!

Sunday Dan and I went out to Pauline’s and got the “omygodsihopethisisthelastload” load. Barbecue grill, trashcans, dead tortoise and assorted boxes. I got covered in pine pitch trying to unload stuff at the shed. My hair was stiff with it. Therefore, we stopped back by the house and I rinsed my hair before Dan and I set off to Pueblo for the payday shopping trip.

We dropped off Blue with John and headed to Pueblo around 4pm. We got the shopping done and ate dinner at Applebee’s. We got back to Walsenburg around midnight. Unloaded the groceries and then tossed some laundry in the washer. Finally fell asleep around 3am. Not good.

7:30am came way too early. More laundry, (3 loads) and then off to 520 and construction work. We finished the OSB part of the closet except for the final fit on the door. We need to recess the hinges for a better fit. I also cleaned up the kitchen and bathroom.

We finally washed Brandy too. I hauled the tub to the center of the yard and we washed her there. Dan and I were both soaked. Took a bath ourselves and then had dinner. Gods it was a long day and I was a “drag ass” all day. Fell asleep twice while waiting for Dan.

Today we are heading to Pueblo to see Carl. Dan messed up his shoulder yesterday and so I will be doing the driving. Wheee…. sorta. Remember the sore hands…

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