Week’s End

Every time I thought I’d have ten minutes to sit and blog, something came up. Thursday was busy. running errands and such. Dan got home early enough that he watched Stardust with Little Morgan and me. Friday was another busy day. We went to Pueblo. We were suppose to get there early enough to find the farmer’s market, buy some fresh veg, run our errands and then see Carl. Slept a bit late, had breakfast and then were late starting out. Plus, we decided to go the back route. Good thing, as Dan was a “good Samaritan” and helped two ex-marines with their jeep that lost it’s brakes. The brakes had caught fire. Dan had an extinguisher in the back. He gave it to them in case it happened again.

We of course missed the farmer’s market and when we got to the hospital, Carl was asleep. So, we went looking for fabric. Hobby Lobby was a dead loss. Headed over to Walmart, and actually found a fabric that was nice. It’s a light green with a tan leaf print. I’ll probably sew it up this week. We did finally get to see Carl. He drifted in and out of sleep while we were there. The VA was planning to move him to Denver, but hadn’t managed it. Hopefully they got that done on Saturday.

When we got home, we watched the Presidio. It’s a good movie, but one Dan hadn’t seen. 🙂 Not sure which scene I like best. The one where Meg Ryan rips Mark Harmon’s shirt off, or where Sean Connery tells the drunk he’s only going to use his right thumb, because his left one is too dangerous. 🙂

Dan officially resigned from RBT Friday night as well. He’d finally had enough. The pressure was affecting him both mentally and physically.

Saturday was another day of oddball errands and trying to get stuff done. Finally around 2pm, we dropped Blue off with John and then took a drive. We ended up in the Upper Huerfano. Near the Singing River Ranch, we startled a Mule eared deer and her brand new fawn. Tiny little thing with spots! Oh it was cute. Didn’t get as far up as we’d have liked to, but there was a puddle across the road that would have eaten LRT. So, we grabbed our stuff and headed up to our favourite meadow. Of course, we had to go around the huge puddle. Didn’t do too bad myself, but Dan stepped right in the middle of a swampy spot up to about mid shin. And, true to experience, the moment we decided to sit down, it started raining. We could see Blanca through the rain curtains, and instead of clearing off, the rain just kept coming. We finished a bit of food and then walked back to LRT. We were soaked. Granted, it was hot enough that by the time we got home, the only bit that was wet were the backs of our shirts. We also saw about 20 deer on the way down. It was really neat.

We finished off the evening with a salad and a couple of Babylon 5 episodes.

Woke up this morning with a sinus/migraine headache. Felt like I’d been kicked in the face. Plus, the lights were too bright, the noises too loud and my sense of smell could pick up moldy cheese three states over. Uggggh! It’s only taken me 10 hours to feel almost human. Now I get to write my Huerfano Journal articles. Wheeee…..

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