I am putting the brakes on this week! It has gone by way too fast. We got home Monday from camping and the week just ran away from us.

Tuesday was a blurr of homeschooling and laundry. We also set up my mom with a new email address. Oh, we also got a new domain for a website we are building. Wednesday I took John to the VA in Pueblo. He is having a flare up of cellulitus. I ran to Walmart while John was in the drs. Bought Daniel a toaster oven, and power cord. I also picked up tennies for Morgan and dog food for Sasquatch.

Thursday was more homeschooling. Matt is sort of getting the hang of how we want stuff done. Then it was time to head up to Gardner. Morgan had her first volley ball game. She plays on the B team, and is so proud of herself. They won! First time in 7 years against La Veta. She just glowed.

This morning, I got up at the crack of dawn, showered and got ready to take my parents to Colorado Springs. I got to drive my parents ’06 Subaru Legacy. Talk about nerve wracking! This is Dad’s baby! Aieeee~~~ Dad was going to see the oncologist about his bladder cancer. While he was at the doctors, Mom and I went to breakfast. By the time we were done, so was he. We drove home with a brief stop in Pueblo for a bit of lunch, paper and wine for my parents. Then I drove home.

We dropped Dad home while Mom and I went to Safeway. I dropped her home, Dan picked me up and it was back to homeschooling and now blogging. Gads!

Did have some good news though. Mike, the Chamber of Commerce president called to tell me the secretary job was mine if I wanted it!!! Part time, and I’m pretty sure it is minimum wage, but…  it’s a JOB! I start on Monday.

Tomorrow holds no rest either. Shopping in Pueblo.

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