The Ceilidh Peppers

This next week is the Spanish Peaks Celtic Festival. Barbara Yule, one of the founders and main movers and shakers of the festival finally got me involved with the festival. Reason being is that this years theme is on Coal Mining. Considering the history of the area, it is a good fit. So, I get to do story telling about my family’s history in the schools along with a Scotsman who will be telling stories about Scottish coal mining.

Tonight, there was one of the bands from Scotland playing up at the Dog Bar in Cuchara. They are called the Ceilidh Peppers. A ten piece band with pipes, keyboard, drums, guitars, fiddles and acordian. Oh my! I have to admit I wasn’t originally too excited about going up there. However, Barbara whittled away at my resolve and so Dan and I went up.

Before we even got to the bar, we could hear the music. Oh My Gods!!! It is wonderful. So wonderful that we got a cd. :> Just type Ceilidh Peppers into your browser and follow your cursor!!!

Best yet, this band is the opening act for the school programs that I am a part of. I get to hear them 4 times over two days. :> Plus, they will be doing a concert on Saturday and another one on Sunday. Wheee!!!

6 thoughts on “The Ceilidh Peppers

  1. Ah, sorry you’ll miss the music. What bits I’ve heard having been working on the sound and lights have been grand. Perhaps we can get together some afternoon and I can share some of the music.

  2. Ah Calum, You made my day. Do you ever sleep?
    Or are you so revved up on all that oxygen, that you’re racing
    about? Glad to see you found my blog.
    Dan and I will send you the mp3’s soon.

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