A cup of Mouse a day

Yesterday, I went to feed the dogs, and had to reach way down in the bag because we are almost out of food. I thought that there was a chunk of lint in the bag and so dropped the cup and started to tear the bag down a bit so that I could get the lint. I didn’t want it mixing in with the food because Blanca “wolfs” her food and if it fell in the bowl, she’d eat it.

So, I tore the bag, reached in for the cup and tried to scoop out the lint.

It wasn’t lint.

It was a mouse. I came up with a scoop of dog food with a mouse on top. I laughed, the mouse freaked and jumped off the cup. Brandy went for the mouse and Blanca just stared at the whole circus as Brandy chased the mouse. The mouse escaped, and then I fed the dogs.

Dan laughed so hard he almost fell off his chair when I told him what the ruckus was about.

The rest of the day was rather calm. We watched a few movies and then went to bed early. It was a real contrast from the 25th.

We did a wiring job on the 25th. Another contractor did the original job. He messed it up so bad that we had to go in and repair it. It should have taken 4 hours. Instead, it took 8 long hours. I was pissed. Dan was really pissed. This isn’t the first time we’ve had to fix this guys work. grrrrrrr!!!!

We did the shopping in Pueblo today. Very windy. Granted, it has been windy all week! I swear we went sideways a mile for every 5 miles we drove. It took us nearly 7 hours to do the shopping. Brrrrr!!! Dan and I were frozen by the time we got home.

6 thoughts on “A cup of Mouse a day

  1. Sigh, I miss your regular posts here to me and on QC.

    Not sure about the move now, where ever it goes it will I just hate living in limbo. Would have never made a good Catholic.

    We have actually had mice in the house this year, the first time in what? five years of being here? Of course the cats dispatched with them post haste, but I had to throw them away they would never think of eating such a nasty thing. yuck.



  2. I’m working on getting back into the habit of daily journal entries. I enjoy our chats too.

    Why are things on hold with the move? I hope all goes well. As for being a “good catholic”, I get accused of that all the time. πŸ™‚ Don’t know why people assume I’m catholic, but… oh well. teeheehee…..

    I am waiting for the mouse to re-appear. I figure it is in the bottom of that one closet. We find little droppings in the one towel drawer on occasion, but have only seen it the once.

  3. Sigh, for the move, well the place we were looking at, the guy realized what a sweet deal he had and was going to loose so he is even borrowing money to get all caught up. So I guess theres a good thing. Would not want to be the cause of anyone being homeless these days.

    We are still looking about, here and there.

    I am so stressed out at work, triggered the mother of all headaches today. I do have a few plans in the works there. If she lays me off as has been mentioned then I file for unemployment and apply for massage school either here on in Pueblo depending on where we land.

    I love my job, love my donkeys but my boss is difficult and keeps changing the rules. Most days I think she hates me but deep down that is pretty harsh, we just do not click. But then I do not think she clicks with most folks from what I have seen. lol

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