laptops, groundhogs and conspiracies

It has been forever since I wrote last. Why? Well… the backlight on my laptop died. It took Dan over a week to have the time to fix it. I was just glad that he had the spare parts! Having a Panasonic Toughbook CF 50 can make it a little difficult to find parts at times.

Then there was the ALA conference. John and Beth left January 23rd. That same day, we went up to Pueblo to get a few groceries and we ate dinner at the Village Inn. I just thought I had food poisoning. Oh no… I had some hellish gastro-intestinal thingy. 4am… up to the bathroom. Felt horrid. Crawled in bed, and got up nearly every 30 minutes. Ugh….. Still felt bad when Dan checked on me at 9am. He went off to do some errands. I threw up. Oh gods! Now, I hate to throw up. In fact, I don’t think I’ve done so in the last 9-10 years. However, I more than made up for it on Saturday morning. ughhhh… Crawled back in bed, and I think I finally surfaced Sunday afternoon.

Managed Monday at work. Barely. Felt ok, unless I ate. Gads. Oh, and Dan came down with it too. This wouldn’t have been such an issue, but we had the Groundhog’s Breakfast with the Chamber on Sunday. So, we were trying our best to get healthy. Saturday, we felt pretty good. Had to head to Pueblo to get a few things for the breakfast. While we were there, we tried the new chinese buffet, Ruby Buffet. Very good! Lovely atmosphere too. The waitresses were very people oriented. It was lovely food too. Dan was in heaven because they had sushi with  unagi (smoked eel).

Sunday morning, we were up at dawn to get to the Golf Course and start the food for the breakfast. After all the stupid hassles during the week over this event, I was just glad it was underway. Dan, Chris and Bill cooked while I did prep work. I think I scrambled 40 dozen eggs. My parents came, along with about 121 other people. We served from 9am to 1pm. An all you can eat breakfast of scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, pancakes, coffee, tea and orange juice. It went really well.

As much as I wanted to collapse, we did’t get the chance. Why? Well, because this was the meeting week from hell. One or two meetings every day. Some of it was about Ordinance 982, the Business license law the City of Walsenburg is trying to put through. Another one was about the garden workshop we are having next week.

Yesterday was suppose to be a take it easy day. We did for the most part. Ran to Pueblo to get parts for a job next week. Today I was suppose to go to Pueblo with John. He didn’t feel good, so Dan and I went. Just got home and now I get to go unpack groceries. Wheeee…..

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