There are days…

Life flows. You get into habits. Or, you get into bad habits. Comfy habits. Then things change. The job, lifestyle, something.  That Cosmic Clue X 4 swings your way. You try to organize. You try to get life in order so that things just work. Anything to avoid that whiffling noise followed by the resounding crrrrrrack up side the head.

Well, Dan and I have been hearing that whiffle bat headeing our way.  We are both still out of work. Not for lack of trying, but just circumstance. On my part, there must have been a ton of unemployed secretaries  out there because every job I have tried for I have gotten the “nice letter”. sigh. Dan’s computer job in Springs turned out to be a wash. A scam. The company has a habit of courting techs, having them do some “try-out” work and then dumps them under the guise that “things just don’t really work out. The company gets the work done and no one gets paid. Dan was So Very Unhappy about that. At this point, we are probably going for the jobs at Safeway or 7-11, etc. yuck.

Meanwhile, on an upbeat note, we had another meeting with Debora Hood. She is a busiiness solutions consultant that we met at the BBB Power Breakfasts. Very neat lady. She has been helping us figure out how to set up LoboSavvy. (coming soon to your computers….… The Place to go to for Comouter Tech Support for your business or home.)

So, back to getting organized. All last week, everywhere I turned, I was running into articles about cleaning up, organizing, getting your life in line. You name it, the stuff kept popping up. Even in my fortune cookie!!! So, I took the hint and decided that it was time to get our asses in gear.

Do you know how HARD it is to convince someone who is normally very organized that he needs to get organized? Gads!!! However, I had a captive audience yesterday. In our desire to get home Thursday night, we forgot to pick up dog food. Normally, I would just have grabbed any old dog food. However, we have these two dogs that just don’t do well on the low protein stuff. So, it was off to Pueblo for dog food. While we were driving, I brought the subject up. We got a little bit of extra time to talk about it because the car decided to have a snit fit. So, as we sat on the side of the road waiting for it to cool off, we talked about how we need to get organized. Business wise and personally.I think the personal side will be harder than the business.

This means of course that we are starting today. Yarggggggghhh….. I know that I am just as bad, especially about sleeping in, but oh gods the alarm went off early on a Saturday. Plus, this week will not be a typical week as we have my parents to deal with and construction work on the house. Such fun. Closets and drywall and mud oh my!!!

2 thoughts on “There are days…

  1. Good luck. I thought about you yesterday as I wore a skirt you made for me about nine years ago!!! The stripped polka dot one in orange, lime green & purple?
    Cid is still jobless and I need to leave my toxic job before it kills me. 🙁 I sure hope the cosmos turns in a more favorable direction for us all!
    hugs hugs hugs

  2. Thank you! I can use all the luck I can get. I remember the skirt! Wow…. Did you ever wear out the socks? 🙂 I’m working on a new pair for myself. Really Bright!

    Hope the job hunting goes well for Cid and yourself. I’m still out of work and have been doing some “temp” stuff. I did 3 hours of filling for a friend today. Wheeee….

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