I had two challenge tests to take for college. One English, one math. I’m horrid at math, so I decided to do it first. English should be easy, right? So, I sit down, start the math test and panic. It was all Business Math, and “story” problems. Dan walked by and saw me glaze over. So, he gave me a few words of encouragement and reminded me that I could do this. Lots of blood, sweat and tears later, I passed. I was amazed.

I took a break, had some lunch and then in the afternoon, I tackled the English test. Now, the advisor had said that the test had a few questions about APA in it. (apa is the style of writing a paper the college requires) I studied a bit and figured that I’d be ok. (insert laugh track) The test wasn’t an English test. It was an APA citation test. A good 2/3rds if not 3/4ths of the test was about APA. Sigh… I failed.

Couldn’t believe it. Oh well. Class wise, I am making straight A’s with no points lost. This is an easy class though. All on how to take an online class. Not sure what’s next besides English.

I’ve been playing on Facebook a lot. Its been fun. I’m finding all sorts of people that I haven’t heard from in years.

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