Hi Ho, Hi HO, it’s off Hiking they do go!

I’m not sure whether to giggle or not. My dad has been feeling the urge to go hiking now that the weather is nice and warm. Walks around the lake and Lathrop park have been nice, but not enough. So, as Dad is 72.5, he’s decided that the ideal thing is to have a hiking buddy. He asked Dan if he’d like to go hiking. You’d think it was a match made in heaven. Dan has been wanting to go hiking. So, when Dad asked Dan, the answer was a resounding YES!.

They went out Saturday for about six hours. About a five mile hike. They took it easy. They left at 7am and Dan was back by about 1:30pm. Exhausted. His comment was that he was A) out of shape and B) “Your Dad walked my legs off!”. I had to laugh. Dad has this stride, once he gets in it, he eats up the miles. I remember as a teen and in good shape, watching him walk the legs off anyone with him. However, Dan had a great time. Dad came by the next morning to pick up a map he’d forgotten and let Dan know that he’d walked the3.5 mile trail at the lake in 54 minutes. Dan smiled although I think he was thinking “shit!” in the back of his mind. They made a date to go out on Tuesday.

Well, Dad picked Dan up at 7am. They headed up to Blue lake. Another 6 mile hike. Dan got home around 3:30pm. Worn out again by Dad. Although, he said Dad was pretty tired too. They had a good time. Discovered that they are pretty well matched. Dad is happy and so is Dan. Dad gets to go out hiking and Dan is getting in better shape and getting to go hiking. I couldn’t help it, I had to tease Dan about being Passepartout to Dad’s Phineas Fogg. He got the joke.

I think it is great.

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