Yakkity Yak…. Yakkity Yack…

A friend of ours called us a week ago Sunday night… “Hi! I’ve run away from home… for a bit of vacation.” We asked her where she was, thinking she had gone on a cruise with her daughter. “New Mexico” was her reply. Silence….. then it struck us…. She was on her way to visit US!!!

She arrived around 2am. We talked til 4am and then finally all fell asleep before another one of us could start talking again. I think we talked for six straight days. We did go up into the mountains one day and played around in the Upper Huerfano. Lovely! Played in the river… had a picnic and in general… Talked!

It was so nice to finally talk face to face instead of on the phone or by email. We’ve been doing just that for the last two years.

She finally headed home on Saturday afternoon. 🙁 However, if all works well, she will be back before school starts. Wheeee!!!!

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