A mellow day

It really was. Slept in late, ate breakfast at 2:30pm, and the day rolled on from there. I made these killer scones for Lammas. Oh yum!! Don’t know if I can repeat them, but… I will try. Craisens and Hazelnut Biscotti creamer were in the mix. :> We finished up the last of them for breakfast today.

I did some school work, edited some work and then just played on the computer. Dinner was pork chops, green beans and rice. Then it was off to Lathrop Park for the evening program. Dad was giving his new geology program. Very good! This is the third one he has done. I think I like it the best.

After we got home, I made tea and we’ve played on the computers a bit more.  I’ve got another Gabriel Du Pre novel to finish up too! So, I guess it is off to bed…. Wheeee….

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