Pumps….. damn pumps and more pumps…..

We finally got the neon’s gas pump fixed. Wheee!!! Wheels at last.

I should have known better. However, Dan got a job from the Conference and on the 17th, we dropped Morgan at school, drove the back way up HWY 69 to 96 to 50 into Pueblo. It was a lovely drive and we got stuff at the bakery and then I went to the library while Dan went to Denver.

I had a great time at the library and our friend Curtis picked me up around noon. We ran errands and then he took me home. I had a quiet evening and a good nights sleep. Right up until 7:30am. That’s when the phone rang. It was Dan. The job was done and he got paid. Only problem was that the water pump blew. He was at mile marker 188. That is 135 miles from Walsenburg.

Argh!!!!!! So, I got up, called Curtis and arranged for him to drive up to Denver to rescue Dan. Once he got there, they decided it was NOT a by the side of the road fix, and were going to tow it home. Keep in mind that Curtis drives a little beat up old Chevy Luv pickp. Not a real powerhouse. So, they decided to come home via the Easter plains of Coloraod. Yoder, Ellicot, Fowler and then up HWY 10 to Walsenburg. This made for a LONG COLD trip in an unheated car for Dan. Curtis wasn’t much warmer. The two of them got back to the house at 1:30am, and they were two popcicles! I think it took us till almost 4am to warm up and settle down. Everyone piled under various covers and we all slept till 10am. Yawn….. Morning came wayyyy too early! Copious amounts of tea were needed. We decided that this time the car could go to the garage to have the water pump replaced. Dan made enought to take care of that. Phewww!!!

Then of course it was clean up, eat and get ready for the Christmas Train. Curtis left the same time we did. The train was great this time. Expecially the coach group which understood it was a melodrama and really got into the boos and hisses as well as the yeahs!

It of course turned into another late night. At least for Dan. He was doing homework and the Windows side of his computer ate the file. So, he had to start all over again and didn’t get to bed until 5:30am. So, rather than thump around the house, I calld Pauline and we went out to the laundromat where we sat chatting while the washers did their thing. I knitted and she crocheted. 🙂 We had a good visit and got the clothes clean too!

Tonight I’m for an early night. Dinner and maybe a movie and then off to bed. Solstice eve of course!!!

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