Sun, Sand, and Snow!

Or, just another week in April in Colorado.

Tuesday, Dan’s divorce was final. We were really busy with class and meetings, so on Wednesday, we went to the Sand Dunes! Got up early, drove to the dunes and cooked breakfast. Granted, the stove didn’t want to work, but… we managed. Then it was off to the dunes. While Dan and Morgan climbed the highest dune, Ian and I waded up the river to my favorite spot. We played in the mud, water and sand for a couple of hours. Afterwards, we went to the visitors center and then drove home.

Thursday was weird and wonderful. I tried to drive Morgan to school, but the car died half a mile from the turn onto HWY 69. (yeah, it really is numbered that!)  Jolene took Morgan to school and Dan and Daniel towed the car home. Half way home, we hit a bump just right I guess and the car started working right. sigh… However, that meant that I could still do everything else I’d planned for the day.

First, bake a cake…. I was going to KnitWits and wanted to provide a treat. Once that was done, Ian and I piled into the car. I paid the water bill and then we headed to Colorado City. KnitWits was quiet, but we had a good time. Around 2pm, we headed to Pueblo. Ian was going to spend the day with Jillian and go to a concert with her that evening. I went to the library, did a little shopping and had dinner. I spent most of the evening reading. Ian met me around 10pm, and we drove home.

Dan of course had spent the whole day sick in bed. He had gotten the same stomach bug Ian had had earlier. Yuck!!!

We headed to bed around 1am, just as the thunder/electric storm from hell started. A lightning bolt hit a transformer somewhere and we lost all power. So, we went to bed. It had started to rain really hard. Then it turned to hail which covered the ground in about an inch of ice. The lights came back around 4am. Yawn!!! When we finally did get up, there was nearly 4 inches of snow on the ground!!!! BRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr!!! The whole day has been cold and clammy.

Dan is feeling better. I got two papers written and had to argue with my professor, because he gave me a poor grade. Why? Because he didn’t read my paper!!!!! I was pissed! However, he regraded it. Went from a C+ to a B+. Still…… grrr……

Tomorrow, I don’t think I have anything to do except write what I want to write!!!!

2 thoughts on “Sun, Sand, and Snow!

    1. The idiot told me that I hadn’t answered certain elements of the essay. WRONG!!! I’m one of those anal retentive types that answers each question as I go along, and then rechecks it 8 times and has Dan read it too. What the guy did was read someone else’s paper and then grade mine. Grrrrr…… I addressed the issue and he did give me a better grade, although not the one I thought I deserved. Oh well. He SO isn’t getting a good review from me. He can’t spell either or use spell check.

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