We’re Hoooommmmmeeee!

Dan and I went to Denver for the weekend. We had a client to visit on Friday. Computer work. She is a lovely person to work with and we have no issues with driving up to Denver.

Then we had a business meeting Saturday morning. We met for breakfast and hogged a table for probably an hour while we discussed stuff. Dan got himself elected chairman of the workforce board, so he now has to do the whole politically responsible thing. LOL!!! It was a really good meeting and I think we got a lot accomplished. Oh, and I got roped/voted/convinced into being his ‘aide de camp’ also known as Girl Friday and any other nickname you can think of. Was I surprised? No. Did I expect this? Yes… about 30 seconds after he got elected. 🙂 Still nice to hear him ask though.

After the breakfast, we went to REI and looked around. I found a gardening/hiking hat that is so cool. Then we drove up to Boulder and bummed around there for a while. WEnt to see Ironman 2. Very cool movie. More sexy geeky technology.  🙂

We were suppose to meet up with friends, but it didn’t happen. Two got stuck in a meeting. Who in the hell does 12 hour meetings? Gads!!! By the time they got done, we were all too tired. We will try next time we are up in Denver.

Sunday we did a bit more shopping, drove around and waited to see if our friends were free. Nope! One got sick, so we just gave up. Headed home and stopped at Red Robin’s in Castle Rock for dinner. I had a really nice burger. Chilies and guacamole on it. Yum.

We got home at a decent hour. Dan did some tutoring with Emma on math. We were in bed by 11:30, and it was really nice to sleep in our own bed.

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