Today,was one of those days when you’re glad to be a part of something. Eric D’Ambrosia’s funeral was today. It was held up in Gardner at Gardner School. It was the only place big enough to hold all the people. Dan and I figured that there were over 300 people there. Students, teachers, friends, neighbors and family.

However, for one small span of time, we were all family. Eric was a friend, a brother, a son to everyone in that room. Sitting there listening to the Rosary you could feel the bonds grow stronger. As the Memorial mass went on, and Fr. Frias spoke, everyone blended together. When his aunt Cathy spoke the eulogy, with his sister Susan by her side, we all cried as family. While his death was a terrible blow, it brought so many people together as community.

At the graveside and later at the community center where food was provided for everyone, people shared stories, hugs, tears and memories. People who hadn’t seen each other in ages hugged and chatted like it had only been a day.

It was a sad day. It was also a beautiful day. My only sorrow is that it took the death of a beautiful young man to bring us all together.

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