Cooking in the kitchen!!!

‘Cause it is HOT!!!

Wednesday was the potluck. That was great. Had fun, talked with people I hadn’t seen in a while and listened to good music.I got home around Midnight.

Thursday. I went to work at La Plaza Inn, and Dan went to the Fox Theater. Old Blind Dogs were playing and he was doing the lights. Meanwhile, I cooked and helped at the kitchen. We had food ready for after theater crowd that came over for the jam session. Apparently while the theater was crowded, there were maybe 50 people at the jam session. Sort of sad, as we’d cooked lots of nice food. I got home at 2:15am. Yawn.

Friday, I wasn’t suppose to work. However, Karen called wanting my help. She hadn’t been able to get into the kitchen all day and felt behind. So, I went in at 5:30 and finished at around 9:45pm. Yawn. Luckily for me, Dan walked down and walked home with me.

Today, I slept in a bit, but was still to work by 11am. Lots of stuff to do for the banquet, and we got it done with about 30 minutes to spare. Morgan came down and served at it because it was being sponsored by Huerfano County Youth Services. The evening went great. The food was good and everyone was happy.

We started to walk home around 9pm, and then discovered that the guys were headed to Carl Jr’s for dinner. So, we met them there and then walked home. Oh gods was I tired. I think I will head to bed soon. Yawwwwwwwwn….

Oh, and Ian’s Grandma will let us borrow the van for Sunday. She got panicked about us using it on Friday. A bit of Sturm und Drang operatic soap opera, but… we will borrow it at least this one time. Otherwise, I hope to have a car of some sort working soon. I am truly tired of having to bum rides.

2 thoughts on “Cooking in the kitchen!!!

  1. I hope the concert was good. M. and I were planning to come to it until the Monday before, when the prospect of driving for three hours and then having to get up and do stuff the next morning just put us out of the mood.

    Maybe we can make one of the September festival concerts though.

    1. You aren’t that far off are you? Or were you talking round trip taking 3 hours? You missed a packed house. Dan said that people were dancing hard enough that he was worried the balcony would crack.

      Hope that you can make the Celtic Festival. And if you do, please find us and say hello.

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