Someday, Sun day

Well, it was suppose to be my day off. However, Karen called around 10pm to see if I could come in to bake bread on Sunday morning. They had a good night at the restaurant, and had gone through 7 of the 8 loaves I’d baked. I said yes.

So, I woke this morning to cool cloudy skies. It was so cool, that I had to shut the door to the kitchen to get the bread to raise! It rained. The peaks were shrouded in these very cool cloud strands. I baked bread and came home. Whee….

However, I didn’t get the stuff done that I wanted to. There were too many people in the house, and I couldn’t concentrate on school work. So, Dan and I took a drive. Daniel had been nice enough to let me borrow his car, so we drove up to Cuchara and had lunch at the Dog Bar. Yum!!! It wasn’t a long drive or a long lunch, but it was good enough to refresh me.

Dan had a gig to go to in La Veta with David Enke tonight, so Ian and Morgan went with him. Ian will go hang out with friends and Morgan will help her Dad. They dropped Kayla off at 203, so I’d have time to get my school work done without interruption. Kayla has been staying with us since the 16th, which is a long time. Her parents are picking her up around 11pm! Gads. I don’t understand why they are coming down so late.

I have all my school work done now and can relax a bit. Wheeeeeee!!!!! All I need to get done now is a skirt or two for work and some dinner. Maybe a story written too. I have this idea in my head…

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