It’s 4am in the morning…

And what is that noise???

We woke to hearing the front door open and then a thud and a crash. Dan went to go look, and we had a drunk on our living room floor. He’d walked right in and fell over my desk chair. (the crash noise). He was Really Drunk. Couldn’t get up off the floor type drunk. He passed out and Dan called the police to come pick him up.

This is where it got a bit funny. In a Keystone Kops kind of way. First off, they knew who it was. Knew him by name. Second, when they tried to handcuff him, he got belligerent. When he refused to obey, they hit him with pepper spray. Oh the hollering… Both the drunk and the cop… the cop got it right down the lungs. Dan gave him two big glasses of water. Then the drunk wouldn’t stand up, Of course, we have 8 very steep stairs up to the house, so they had to carry him down the stairs. Then he wouldn’t get in the police car. By this time, there were two police cars and two ambulances in front of our house at 4:30am! I of course am stuck in the bedroom because of the pepper spray all over the living room.  Dan is watching this circus from the front door. he was laughing and giggling. Especially when the cops lost his keys… They had gotten knocked out of his pocket in the struggle with the drunk. They finally got the guy in the car around 5am. We didn’t press charges, just told them to throw the drunk in the drunk tank for the night.

We aired the house and finally fell back asleep around 6am. Gads, what an odd ball adventure. Oh yeah…. it was a full moon last night too. Of course, it has been rather the week for oddball things. Two nights ago, a dog attacked Spike while he was asleep. So, we woke to a dogfight at 1am.  Dan and Ian went out and discovered that Spike was bitten, and no sign of the other dog. Spike is now recovering with us. Two big nasty gashes on his shoulders and lots of bite marks on his legs. Lots of stitches  No idea what the other dog came out like. Spike of course is doing a Big job of looking Pitiful. Good grief! So much for the awesome and fearful reputation of pit bulls. I think we should have named him Marshmallow or Buttercup. 🙂

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