Sort of. Maybe. Perhaps… It was a bit calmer this last week. We still had computer jobs, but most of them were in town. La Plaza needed their cash till adjusted. Marianne needed her ‘well computer’ checkup and we had a school board meeting to attend. Oh, and I did up about 40 holiday cards. Not too bad all total.

Friday were a bit hectic. I started off my morning by meeting John at the bank to notarize the separation agreement for the divorce. Also got my name taken off of the joint account. I paid the water bill, filed the separation agreement, mailed off umteen holiday cards, and went to George’s to get breakfast for us. We love sausage pete’s with green chile strips. Yummmmm.

Saturday,I got up early and went for a job interview at La Plaza for the new First Choice grocery store. I think it went well, but have to wait for the next interview and the store to have the construction finished. Then we borrowed my parent’s pick up truck and drove up to Canon City. We went to visit Adam, Judith and Brendan. They have a house up above Canon City. They have a micro farm. Geese, ducks, chickens, pigs, goats, dogs and cats. 🙂 Dan fixed Jude’s computer and we all had a great visit.

After we left, we headed to Pueblo to get a few groceries. Funny bit is that we saw John and Beth in Walmart! LOL.

I have to admit that some of panic and stress I have been dealing with over the job situation and the divorce have finally settled. After two weeks of not being called in to La Plaza, I figure I’m done. Her business, her choices. Oh well, it was nice while it lasted. Meanwhile, I’m applying for other jobs and trying to drum up business for LoboSavvy. As for the divorce… I filed my financial paperwork on time before the December 3rd deadline. John managed it on the 9th. His delays in doing that is what prompted me to push for filing the separation agreement on Friday. Next week is slated to be busy and I didn’t want to mess up the filing date of December 15th. So…. it is now done. Nothing else to do until the court sets a date. For all intensive purposes I’m as divorced as I can get until the Judge drops the gavel.

Big Deep Breath!!!

Not to continue to de-stress. Next big event is Xmas with the family in Littleton. Dan and I have made reservations at a hotel and are borrowing the truck again to go up. Mom and Dad will stay with Lori. Should be fun. Hopefully, I’ll get to see Mari and David again too. The rest of today is going to be a take it easy day. Too damn cold to do much else.

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