August Already?

Damn! Where has the summer gone? I want a refund or at least a rewind. One second it was June and now it’s August!!! sigh. It has gone so fast this year. Granted, we’ve been busy.

We have moved into the Wendy house in preparation for the great plumbing attack. I have the floors in the main part of the house oiled and I’ve been sorting out things. Do I use this? Do I use that? Oh, and why on earth did I keep this?!

On a trip to Denver we went to the IKEA store. Oh my god! It took us three hours just to walk through at a FAST pace. Lots of wonderful things to buy. Lots of things I’d like for my house.

We also did something brave. We moved the office out of the house and into an office on Main Street! Scary. Lots of change. Most notably, Dan has to wear ‘dress clothes’ most days. LOLOL!

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