Paganism in the news

CNN had a good article about Paganism on the Internet yesterday. It was nice to see such an even handed article. Yesterday of course was Halloween, and like many, we celebrated with our family and the rest of the little goblins in town. I dressed up for work.I had two wee Viking lads visit me and demand candy else they’d raid my basket of sweets.

Of course I gave in and deposited candy in their sacks. 🙂

Dan and I will be having a more traditional celebration on November 7th, which is the cross quarter day. This site is great for marking your calendar. This next two weeks will be busy. Election day today, Samhain, my first school board meeting, my birthday, a trip to Denver for a State Youth Council meeting and Dan has two days of work lighting the high school play. Wheeee!

Oh, and it is suppose to snow again tonight. We had our first real snow storm and we got about 14 inches. It was a wet sloppy snow, and the moisture was much appreciated.

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