Kitchen renovation

We took yesterday to reorganize the kitchen. It just didn’t work the way we needed it to, so… we changed things around. First up was to remove the cutting board surface between the stove and the cupboard. We took it off and moved it to the other side of the kitchen. Then we cleaned up the stove and moved it closer to the cupboard. After that, we turned the refrigerator and cleaned up the breakfast nook area. It took about four hours between all the cleaning and moving. It looks really nice.

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6 thoughts on “Kitchen renovation

  1. You can swap the hinges on the fridge doors, too, so the opening is on the other side. That would flow really well with the way you have it now. It all looks great!

    1. We plan to do that. It’s just been a crazy month and every time I think we have five minutes… poof! It’s gone

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