I Spy with my eye, something beginning with Y…

Yet another Snow Storm. I woke up to 2 inches on the cold surfaces and lots of mud where it had melted. Ugh. Over the day it has snowed, snowed lighter, harder and been sunny for seconds. At one point I couldn’t see the house.

Yesterday, on Earth Day, the clouds were so low that we could see nothing beyond about 50 yards. It was strange. I wanted to go out and play in the yard, but that wasn’t possible. I looked at seed catalogues  instead.

We are planning to do a keyhole garden for this summer. I want to plant radishes, lettuces, carrots and squash.

Well, must put more wood on the fire.


2 thoughts on “I Spy with my eye, something beginning with Y…

    1. I know. We need the moisture. It’s just dealing with four adults with weather triggered arthritis is a frustration.

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