Home Improvements and SpaceUp Denver

The last week has been busy. We’ve been doing lots of home improvements and we went to SpaceUp Denver. While the weather is good, we are working on replacing the garage door with a door, window and wall. We’ve cut all the joists to level the ramp and make a real floor. Then we got the chance to go to SpaceUp.

We went up the night before and stayed at the Hotel VQ. It’s this sort of geometric hotel next to the Bronco Stadium. Dan called it the 14 story Yurt. 🙂 It was. Better yet, as I was looking at the hotel layout, all I could think of was 1) Adafruit Flora and 2) Ironman’s reactor. We giggled a lot.

SpaceUp Denver is an Unconference. There were about 25 people there, and I was the only woman other than SpaceUp staff. Oh well. The speaker, Dr. Alan Stern was interesting. We had another gentleman speak on Citizen Scientists and then Dan spoke on Mach 30 and ODE.

Best bit of the whole day though was the Trivia quiz. You could get two points of you answered it without prompts and 1 point if you used the prompt. Well, Dan was wizing through the questions, so I just listened. Then they asked…”Who was the 1st American in space.” I KNEW that Dan knew the answer, so I didn’t even check. Especially after he’s been working on the Shephard Test Stand for almost a year. Even I knew that it was Shepard.Then the prompts go up and Dan gets this funny look on his face and I realize…. Mr Always has the RIGHT answer had gotten it wrong!!!! I laughed! It was great!

When we finished, we visited my sister for an hour and then went to IKEA. We found a sink for the Wendy House for 1/2 off. It was a great end to a lovely visit.

And yes, I am still laughing about Dan’s wrong answer!

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