They said it would…

Snow that is. Yesterday started out sunny and warm. Around noon, the clouds rolled in and it began to rain. Not much at first. In fact, it was just enough to show us where all the leaks from the damage caused by the wind storms. I worked on my clothes for the SCA event next weekend and moved various buckets and cups to catch the drips.

While I was cooking dinner, the sound changed. The gentle pitter patter of rain drops turned hard. We looked out the window and sleet was falling fast. By the time we ate dinner 40 minutes later, there was an inch of slushy snow on the ground. Brrr!

I headed off to the Wendy House and the wood stove. Dan stayed inside and worked on the satellite receiver that has been eating his life. ugh. When he came to bed, we had about 5 inches.

This morning, we woke to nearly 8 inches of snow. Wow! It is a wet heavy snow, which means we will net about 1/2 an inch of water. Yes, 1/2 an inch out of all that snow. The general formula is 12 inches of snow equals 1 inch of water. Or, in other words, the 18 inches of rain that Boulder and areas north of us got last summer equals 18 FEET of snow.

I took some pictures. Brandy was a bit twitterpatted by a large raven that was nearby.

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2 thoughts on “They said it would…

  1. Jaye, I’m enjoying reading your wonderfully engaging and well-written blog. But I realize that I have officially turned into a dirty old lady; center your attention on the stitch of text that reports the snow accumulation. Now strategically omit the words (of snow) and see if you don’t see it my way?! “When he came to bed, we had about 5 inches. This morning, we woke to nearly 8 inches . Wow!” Is it just me? TooFunnee!

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